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  • Gallery: Hawksbill turtle, Seychelles

    10 October 2013

    Feeding head down helps the turtle to probe tight crevices with its beak and break off stubborn pieces of the reef. These medium-sized sea turtles attain about one metre in length and 80 kilogrammes in weight. They are Critically Endangered (IUCN Red List).

  • Gallery: Fishermen in mangrove creek, Kenya

    10 October 2013

    Traditional fishermen returning to sell their catches in a mangrove creek, Kenya. Mangroves, under threat from many sources, provide valuable economic benefits to local communities.

  • Magazine: Vol 7 No 4: Survival Of Species

    10 October 2013

    Introduced by Norman Myers, author of The Sinking Ark, lifetime campaigner, and a Contributing Editor of the magazine, this issue assesses the future of our fellow planetary species, at the start of what looks like another 'great extinction'. And, warned Myers, we only have some 7000 days to set people and the planet on a new course. If that window of opportunity is lost, he says, it may take another 5 million years or more to replenish the earth.

  • Commentary: 20 years on - and time runs desperately short

    4 August 2012

    Twenty years after People & the Planet magazine was launched at the first Earth Summit to track progress in averting an environmental catastrophe - as the planet heats and its natural resources are plundered – Don Hinrichsen presents a sobering report card on the hesitant steps so far taken as time runs desperately short. 

  • Most endangered primates on brink of extinction

    18 July 2012

    The world’s 103 lemur species have been identified as the most endangered primate group in the world, with many species on the very brink of extinction due primarily to habitat loss.

  • Coral bleaching likely to intensify

    10 July 2012

    “Coral reefs are important ecosystems of ecological, economic and cultural value yet they are in decline worldwide due to human activities,” said the Consensus Statement released  during the opening of the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) held in Cairns, Australia.

  • Rio+20 Earth Summit: campaigners decry final document

    24 June 2012

    Amid doubt, disappointment and division, the world's governments came together in Rio on Friday to declare "a pathway for a sustainable century".

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Bringing nature back to Holland

    8 June 2012

    The Netherlands’ ambitious plan to conserve and encourage wildlife back to this low-lying country by linking its nature reserves through a network of migratory corridors has been put on hold. But the ecologists are fighting back, as Andrew Balcombe reports.

  • We are using 50 per cent more natural resources than planet can sustain

    15 May 2012

    The human population of our planet is now consuming 50 per cent more natural resources than it can sustainably produce, according to the latest Living Planet Report. As a result, it is taking 1.5 years for the Earth to absorb the CO2 produced and to regenerate the renewable resources that people use within one year.

  • European zoos are failing animals and conservation says EU report

    24 April 2012

    Across Europe, zoos are doing little to guarantee the biological and conservation needs of animals,  a comprehensive EU enquiry has found.