Victory for Women

Produced in 1995, Victory for Women summarizes the positive messages from the 1994 Cairo Conference on Population and Development and looks at these from the perspective of families in Egypt and Colombia.

The film shows how Egypt has made headway in moving away from top-down 'population control' programmes to more sensitive reproductive health approaches.

While the film takes no account of recent turbulent events, the basic problems relating to women’s reproductive wellbeing, and rapid population growth, remain. Since 1996 the population has grown by over 30 per cent, from 59 million to an estimated 84 million in 2012. The annual rate of growth remains high at 1.9 per cent, but the number of children born to each woman has come down from 3.6 to 3.

The Film also reports on how IPPF's affiliate in Colombia, Profamilia, has embraced both men and young people in its 'people-centred' approach to family planning and linked this with other legal and health services which meet the needs of both sexes.

If the video screen does not appear then watch it on YouTube.