Vol 8 No 3 - The Greening Of Industry

Issued: 1999 (32 pages)

This issue tackles the controversial, and still highly topical, question of corporate power and responsibility. It airs the views of both optimists, who say that the leaders of major corporations are increasingly aware of the long term benefits of energy efficiency, waste reduction and social responsibility, and the pessimists who doubt that big business is able genuinely focus on anything but short term profits that benefit both managers and shareholders. Andrea Spencer-Cooke and John Elkington put the positive case, while Charlie Pye-Smith tells the remarkable story of the global carpet company, Interface, which has flourished while following strict environmental principles. Others coming in for praise include 3M and Xerox, Tata and Nike, while other green partnerships are singled out in the Philippines and the Netherlands. But can corporations really be trusted? Both sides of the argument are put by Peter Knight and John Korten. It is an argument as relevant today as it was then.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: No soul to be damned
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Overview: treading lightly
  • Page 10 - Changing corporate culture
  • Page 12 - Strategies for change: 1: Interface
  • Page 14 - Strategies for change: 2: 3m and Xerox
  • Page 15 - Strategies for change: 3: Tata
  • Page 16 - Strategies for change: 4: Nike
  • Page 18 - Country report: The Phillippines
  • Page 21 - Country report: The Netherlands
  • Page 22 - Profile: John Rowley on Sir John Browne
  • Page 24 - The Great Debate
  • Page 27 - Gadfly: Why is industry so often blind?
  • Page 28 - Associates' news
  • Page 30 - Book & film reviews


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