Vol 7 No 4 - Survival Of Species

Issued: 1998 (36 pages)

Introduced by Norman Myers, author of The Sinking Ark, lifetime campaigner, and a Contributing Editor of the magazine, this issue assesses the future of our fellow planetary species, at the start of what looks like another ‘great extinction’. And, warned Myers, we only have some 7000 days to set people and the planet on a new course. If that window of opportunity is lost, he says, it may take another 5 million years or more to replenish the earth. Other articles take a look at the planet’s biodiversity hotspots – whose protection may buy time as more fundamental changes in attitude, technology and behaviour take hold – and at flagship species, including tigers, elephants and birds, whose survival in the wild will help protect the whole web of life that supports them.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: The next 7,000 days
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Overview: Securing the fabric of life
  • Page 10 - Biodiversity hotspots revealed
  • Page 14 - Saving the hotspots
  • Page 16 - Flagship species: A future for tigers
  • Page 18 - Flagship species: Living with elephants
  • Page 20 - Flagship species: Saving birds, saving species
  • Page 22 - Flagship species: Where have all the frogs gone?
  • Page 24 - Cutting edge: Vietnam's tribal scientists
  • Page 28 - Creating peace parks in Africa
  • Page 31 - Last word: Stopping the whirlpool
  • Page 32 - Associates' News
  • Page 34 - Book & film reviews


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