Vol 7 No 1 - Sustaining The Soil

Issued: 1998 (32 pages)

This issue cast light on the scale of the food problem, in a world where 800 million people were severely malnourished, where 1.3 billion survived in abject poverty and where the resources of water and land were under severe stress – and where an additional 80 million mouths needed to be fed every year. Unfortunately that scenario today is largely unchanged, and the solutions remain just as urgent. This issue reported on the growing wisdom from hundreds of projects and programmes in Asia, Africa and Latin America showing the enormous potential for increasing yields and the fertility of the land of peasant farmers, without heavy dependence on chemical fertilisers and pesticides and the importance of accompanying this with other means of livelyhood security, including tackling the basic issues of conflict, corruption and gender equality. Field reports included success stories from Central Honduras, Zimbabwe, India, Mali and other drylands of Africa. In conclusion, Professor Swaminathan, set out the encouraging results of his own foundation’s work with village farmers in Tamil Nadu, in an interview with Bishaka Datta.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Showing the way
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Feeding a future world
  • Page 10 - Sustaining the harvest
  • Page 12 - Mimicking nature to grow more
  • Page 15 - Lighting a dark corner
  • Page 16 - Turning dusty land into a flowering orchard
  • Page 18 - Helping farmers fight pests
  • Page 20 - Sustaining Africa's soil
  • Page 22 - Making land from bare rock
  • Page 26 - Creating an evergreen India
  • Page 28 - Associates' News
  • Page 29 - Last word: Into the greenhouse century
  • Page 30 - Book & film reviews


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