Vol 6 No 3 - Health And The Environment

Issued: 1997 (32 pages)

Among the silent killers in the environment we have created around us are insidious chemical pollutants, the eruption of new diseases and the spread of old ones. In our slums and shanty towns many are faced with dirty and inadequate water supplies, unsafe and insanitary human settlements, air pollution in all its forms and the threat to human health from ozone depletion and climate change. This issue drew heavily on the WHO to get to grips with the scale of these problems. It also asked our correspondents to put a human face to them, with reports on arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh, self-help sewers in Karachi, the spread of Malaria to higher hills as the earth warms, and the battle to spread acceptance and delivery of life-saving smokeless stoves. But ultimately, said Greg Goldstein from WHO, in a last word article: ‘There can be no sustainable development , or escape from the threat to health from the environmental degradation until a new agenda is set to reverse growing inequity and to build a new social cohesion at global. national and local levels.’


  • Page 3 - Editorial: The new agenda
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Healthy world, healthy people
  • Page 10 - More water: better health
  • Page 12 - Arsenic on tap
  • Page 13 - Self-help sewers save lives
  • Page 14 - The threatened plague
  • Page 18 - The chemical juggernaut
  • Page 22 - Interview: John Bland questions Rudi Slooff of the WHO
  • Page 24 - Cooking smoke: a silent killer
  • Page 26 - Last word: Prisoners of poverty
  • Page 27 - Gadfly: Counting the cost
  • Page 28 - Associates' News
  • Page 30 - Book & film reviews


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