Vol 5 No 3 - Rivers Of Life

Issued: 1996 (36 pages)

As pressure on fresh water increases , the need for co-operation between states to protect and share them continues to grow. This issue takes a special look at rivers with an introduction by Sandra Postel and reports by Nantiya Tangwisutijit on the future of the Mekong and Daniel Hillel on the troubled water of Eden. Other articles consider the future of the Ganges, the damming of Lesotho’s waters and water diversion plans which threaten the great Zaire river system. Nobel, prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez contributes a fascinating essay on Magdalena, ‘the river of his life’.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Sharing our rivers
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Sharing the rivers
  • Page 10 - Must the Mekong die?
  • Page 14 - Spirit of the waters
  • Page 16 - Troubled waters of Eden
  • Page 20 - Filthy flows the Ganga
  • Page 24 - Dams and distress for kingdom in the sky
  • Page 26 - Backward course for Zaire river?
  • Page 28 - Essay: The river of our life
  • Page 30 - Water: use more, save more
  • Page 31 - Gadfly: South Africa's growing pains
  • Page 32 - Associates' News
  • Page 34 - Film and book reviews


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