Vol 5 No 1 - People And Mountains: Pinnacles Of Diversity

Issued: 1996 (32 pages)

This redesigned issue, with superb use of pictures, focussed on the neglected issue of mountains and their people. ‘Mountain dwellers’ the magazine pointed out ‘make up only a tenth of the world’s population but the other nine are only vaguely aware of how much they owe to mountains for food, hydro-electricity, timber, mineral resources and above all, water’. With an Overview by Derek Denniston on the urgent need for conserving mountain ecosystems and their often fragile human cultures, other contributors include Edwin Bernbaum and Martin Palmer on the world’s sacred hills and holy mountains, Jayana Bandyopadhyay on the water towers if the world, Sally Bowen on bringing Inca canals back to life in Peru, and Sarita Kedall on the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada. Jane Pratt reports on efforts to create a transboundary park in the Himalayas and Sujaya Misra meets veteran campaigner for those mountains, Sunderlal Bahaguna.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Pinnacles of diversity
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: News from around the globe
  • Page 6 - Mountains and people
  • Page 10 - Secret of the sacred hills
  • Page 14 - Water towers of the world
  • Page 16 - Taming the tourists
  • Page 18 - Regional report: Bringing the Inca canals back to life
  • Page 20 - Profile: Juan Mayr Maldonando
  • Page 22 - Regional report: A Himalayan dream
  • Page 26 - Campaigner: Sunderlal Bahaguna - Save the Himalayas
  • Page 28 - Associates' News
  • Page 30 - Film and book reviews


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