Vol 4 No 4 - Feeding A World Of 8 Billion

Issued: 1995 (32 pages)

This issue in Feeding a World of 8 Billion is as relevant today as it was when first published, and the conundrum of feeding our rapidly growing and hungry world population is as important as ever. The magazine takes the form of a Great Debate about how serious the problem is, and how best to address it. Must we continue to industrialise agriculture to boost output and meet our future needs, or harness the skills and energies of millions of small farmers to adopt more productive, nature-friendly solutions? But there was, and remains, broad agreement that we cannot go on undermining soil fertility for short-term gains, draining wetlands for unsustainable prawn farms and mining forests, while neglecting investment in people, their farming methods and access to markets, their education and basic health care. John Madeley’s introductory article stresses the importance of people-centred solutions. David and Marcia Pimentel conclude that ‘we need to change our stewardship of the world and to balance human numbers with land, water and other resources,’ while Tim Dyson urges readers ti be wary of too much gloom.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: A paralysis of policy
  • Page 4 - Newsfile
  • Page 7 - Overview: Feeding 8 billion
  • Page 10 - Must the poor starve?
  • Page 13 - Be wary of gloom
  • Page 15 - Energy and food for all
  • Page 18 - Foreclosing the future
  • Page 20 - Towards sustainable farming
  • Page 21 - Permaculture: a natural way
  • Page 22 - Restoring a fragile land
  • Page 23 - Planning for sons
  • Page 24 - From nutcases to trendsetters
  • Page 25 - Forgotten foods
  • Page 26 - Essay: Blossoms in the dust
  • Page 28 - Gadfly: The screw-up factor
  • Page 29 - Associates' News
  • Page 31 - Films
  • Page 32 - Books


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