Vol 4 No 3 - Women: A Power For Change

Issued: 1995 (32 pages)

Jodi Jacobson, Director fo the Health Development Project in Washington introduced this global report on how women are collectively changing households, communities and societies throughout the world. This includes the remarkable story by Sohaila Abdulah of a group of illiterate women from a poor community in India who are making films that change lives (also the subject of the Planet 21 film Calling the Shots). Other examples come from the Philippines, where the women of Apelo Cruz financed a common health service, from California, where immigrant women were jointly fighting for their human rights in the face of exploitation, and from in the Dominican Republic where a women’s association is funding self-help projects from the sale of beautifully packaged and nutritious dried fruit, photographed for the magazine by Nancy Durrell McKenna.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Holding hands
  • Page 4 - Newsfile
  • Page 6 - Women holding hands
  • Page 8 - A radio voice for women
  • Page 10 - Women against arrack
  • Page 12 - These women call the shots
  • Page 14 - Women of Apelo Cruz
  • Page 16 - Fighting for dignity
  • Page 18 - Helping women traders
  • Page 20 - Widows banding together
  • Page 23 - Fruit and fertility
  • Page 26 - Profile: Cecilia López Montaño
  • Page 27 - Essay: The challenge of Beijing
  • Page 28 - Associates' News
  • Page 30 - Films
  • Page 31 - Books


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