Vol 4 No 2 - Troubled Waters: Lakes And Inland Seas

Issued: 1995 (36 pages)

Lakes and inland seas are the theme of this issue. ‘Everywhere we looked, says the editorial, ‘the story was disturbing. Poor land use, inadequate planning, short sighted actions for short-term gain have speeded up the process of destruction.’ Anne Platt writes an introduction suggesting ways in which this can be reversed, Don Hinrichsen pens a requiem for the dying Aral Sea, Nancy Chege writes of the sick giant that is Lake Victoria, Alexandria Craib reported on efforts to conserve Africa’s richest lake – Lake Malawi – which provides 70 per cent of the protein consumed by 10 million people in Malawi alone. Alexander Sherpin reports from the threatened jewel that is Lake Bakal, Henry Regier and Harvey Shea describe efforts to restore the Great Lakes and Anna Varconi reports from Hungary on the struggle to reverse the pollution of famed Lake Balaton.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Troubled waters
  • Page 4 - Newsfile
  • Page 6 - Reversing the course of destruction
  • Page 10 - Requiem for a dying sea
  • Page 14 - Lake Victoria: a sick giant
  • Page 16 - Uphill fight for flamingo lake
  • Page 18 - Saving Malawi's silver treasure
  • Page 22 - Lake Baikal: a threatened jewel
  • Page 25 - India's dying lakes
  • Page 27 - Restoring the Great Lakes cornucopia
  • Page 30 - New hope for the 'Hungarian Sea'
  • Page 32 - Associate News
  • Page 34 - Gadfly: Consuming less
  • Page 35 - Films
  • Page 36 - Books


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