Vol 1 No 3 - People And The Parks

Issued: 1992 (32 pages)

Following on the Rio Earth Summit and The Fourth World Conference on Parks and Protected Areas, this issue covered both events, with special reports from South and Central America. These included a report by Elizabeth Kemf from Colombia’s Sierra Nevada on the ancient Law of the Mother which regulates community life in harmony with nature, by James Yipsilantis on the Central America’s fragile isthmus and by Alain Meyrat on an experiment at diversifying crops in Nicaragua. This issue also includes an interview with Hector Ceballos-Lascurain on the World Conservation Union’s approach to eco-tourism.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Beyond the summit
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: Rio, Catholic Church, Street Children, Development
  • Page 6 - Putting people in the picture
  • Page 10 - Coping with demographic change
  • Page 12 - A living from wildlife
  • Page 16 - The law of the mother
  • Page 18 - 500 years after Columbus
  • Page 19 - Fragile isthmus under pressure
  • Page 20 - Inside the forest
  • Page 23 - Diversifying crops: the Nicaraguan experiment
  • Page 24 - Planning for the next generation
  • Page 26 - Costa Rica's past progress under threat
  • Page 28 - Tourists for conservation
  • Page 31 - A population policy for the North?
  • Page 32 - Books: Paul Harrison on Beyond the Limits


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