Vol 1 No 1&2 - Earth Summit issue: People, pollution and poverty - a new assessment

Issued: 1992 (32 pages)

This first issue of People & the Planet coincided with the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero. It took a hard look at the connections between people and the environment both in terms of increasing numbers and rising consumption, with contributions from Paul Harrison, Jeremy Wheeler and Louise Lassonde among others. It also reported on the reality of these issues, including the desperately poor and rapidly growing population of Bihar, the struggle to empower women in the Sahel, and the efforts of a fishing community in Baru, Colombia to build a sustainable future.


  • Page 3 - Editorial: Reason must prevail
  • Page 4 - Newsfile: Pakistan, Parks, Scientists, Video
  • Page 5 - The Third Revolution
  • Page 8 - People, poverty and the Earth Summit
  • Page 11 - Encouraging self-development
  • Page 12 - Population perspective is widening
  • Page 14 - A consensus for action
  • Page 16 - Coping with consumers in tomorrow's world
  • Page 20 - Pressure and poverty in Bihar
  • Page 22 - Empowering the women of the Sahel
  • Page 24 - A visit to the village of Saye
  • Page 26 - Baru fishermen band together
  • Page 28 - Political non-speak
  • Page 29 - Pakistan acts on population
  • Page 30 - The power of planning births
  • Page 32 - Books


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