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Posted: 15 August 2013

This web archive is a unique record of 20 years of reporting on people and the planet.

It contains over 8,000 news items, feature articles, commentaries, pictures and linking websites. It provides searchable access to the entire contents of People & the Planet magazine and to our half-hour video films. Live links take readers to the latest news and comments from related websites. It is available on desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, iPads, mobile phones and Kindle readers.

Covering 16 topics the archive is a free and independent source of information for all those who would like to help bring about a healthy and sustainable future for all life on our planet.

People & the Planet magazine was launched at the first Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 by the UK charity Planet 21, with support from IPPF, UNFPA, IUCN, Sida, WWF, and other donor foundations and NGO partners. It flourished for nearly ten years, alongside ground-breaking video output, before it was decided to move to the Internet in 2000.

Since then our website has continued to track and report developments on its chosen themes, with background Overviews, Factfiles, Weblinks, Glossary and a supporting Picture Gallery.

Meanwhile the world has moved on and the issues of people and the planet, including human impacts on climate, on water, energy and food supplies, on habitat and species, fish stocks and oceans are finding their way into mainstream media - if only marginally and sporadically given the attention of governments they so urgently need.

We have, in these circumstances, and with insufficient funding to maintain the high standard of research and updating required, ceased making further additions ourselves to this website. But, in partnership with the Hard Rain exhibitions project, we are making this 20-year archival record widely available, and especially to universities and their students throughout the world.

We wish all our readers courage in the continuing struggles to build a healthy world for healthy people.

John Rowley, founder/editor
John Guillebaud, chairman of trustees