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  • Worldwatch Institute

    14 May 2008

    Worldwatch is a well-respected environmental organisation which has done much to alert the public and policy-makers to the long-term consequences of cropland loss, declining biological diversity, damaged fisheries, stressed water systems, unwise subsidies, poverty and consumer pressures in meeting the nutritional needs of a growing world population.

  • Sustainable Development International

    14 May 2008

    Sustainable Development International Online provides a centralised source of information, updated on a regular basis in connection with the World Summit on Sustainable Development, with case studies, news and feature articles.

  • Green England

    27 November 2007

    A guide to green and ethical products services and days out throughout England.

  • Green Renewable Jobs

    20 September 2007

    Jobs, Careers resources, News and Information for theEnvironmental Industries

  • Ethical Trading Initiative

    7 February 2007

    The ETI is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and trade union organisations committed to promoting good practice in the implementation of codes of labour practice. Its website contains includes news, events and publications.

  • Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

    8 February 2005

    This website explores the human rights conduct of 2000 companies and includes news and reports on the worldwide social and environmental activities of most major multinationals. The website brings abuses to international attention from discrimination to pesticide poisoning; child labour to drinking water contamination; sexual abuse to the displacement of indigenous peoples. The site is free, regularly updated and links to reports in English, Spanish and French.

  • InterNetwork for Sustainability

    8 April 2003

    The InterNetwork for Sustainability is an on-line information centre supporting organisations active in sustainable development. By creating a single entry for access to news, data and activities, it aims to stimulate co-operation and effectiveness in sustainable development.

  • Japan For Sustainability

    6 November 2002

    JFS seeks to share information on sustainable developments originating in Japan, with the aim of building path towards a more sustainable world. Their free monthly newsletter gives an insight into what the world's second largest economy is doing about the environment. Its on-line database provides information on new laws and regulations; emerging technologies in energy; transport and material reduction, corporate environmental initiatives; local governments' efforts and more.

  • Sustainable Development Communications Network

    16 July 2002

    This portal is hard to beat as a source on sustainable business. It contains some 1200 documents on sustainable development, along with a job bank, events calendar and a pretty comprehensive collection of relevant mailing lists and news sites. Its 'Sustainability Web Ring' which provides links to 178 sites, is invaluable.

  • Multinational Monitor

    23 May 2002

    This magazine, is a watchdog for corporate abuses, especially in developing countries, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment. It is produced by the non-profit organisation, Essential Information.