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  • Worldwatch Institute

    14 May 2008

    Worldwatch is a well-respected environmental organisation which has done much to alert the public and policy-makers to the long-term consequences of cropland loss, declining biological diversity, damaged fisheries, stressed water systems, unwise subsidies, poverty and consumer pressures in meeting the nutritional needs of a growing world population.

  • Global Environment Outlook

    14 May 2008

    The Global Environment Outlook series keeps abreast of environmental issues as they unfold. It also highlights the most significant environmental developments in the year in a visually appealing and reliable volume.

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

    14 May 2008

    The UN Environment Programme site covers treaties and instruments concerning the environment and sustainable development, most notably Agenda 21 - a working plan for sustainable development to be the basis for national and international action. Also includes information on a variety of environmental topics and related links.

  • Sustainable Development International

    14 May 2008

    Sustainable Development International Online provides a centralised source of information, updated on a regular basis in connection with the World Summit on Sustainable Development, with case studies, news and feature articles.

  • IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

    25 August 2004

    IRC International Water and Sanitation CentreThis website provides news and information, advice, research and training, on low-cost water supply and sanitation in developing countries.

  • Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening

    9 February 2004

    This US-based website provides a comprehensive guide to creative organic gardening, including composting, soil-building, permaculture and much more.

  • Living Planet Report (WWF)

    17 June 2003

    The excellent Living Planet Report is WWF's periodic update on the state of the world's ecosystems - as measured by the Living Planet Index - and the human pressures on them through the consumption of renewable natural resources - as measured by the Ecological Footprint. There is a cause/effect linkage between the two measures.

  • WHO - Healthy Cities and urban governance

    22 May 2003

    A good overview on the connections between the urban environment and human health.

  • Third World Network

    22 May 2002

    TWN, based in Malaysia, is an international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South relations. Its website contains a wealth of information on trade, environment, human and women's rights issues, from a broad developing world perspective. It also includes publications, papers, action alerts and UN statements.

  • Habitat International Coalition

    17 April 2002

    HIC is an independent, international non-profit coalition of organisations and individuals working in the area of human settlements. It acts as a forum for exchange of ideas and development of policy in this field. Its shared objectives include working to secure housing and improving habitat conditions around the world. Its website includes news, notices and links to member and other Habitat sites.