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  • COMMENTARY: Brands that cry green

    11 May 2012

    Apple has joined an exclusive club. Among its members are BP, Chevron and British Airways all of whom are anxious to promote their green credentials. But says marketing expert, Elly Wooston, not all companies are as green as they would like us to believe.

  • Green energy: 'US must show the way forward '

    22 February 2011

    Leading environmental economist Robert Repetto, whose new book America's Climate Problem: The Way Forward, is just out, argues that the global  transition to a green economy will not happen unless the United States steps up its own efforts to deal with climate change.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Ontario on course for a greener future

    7 October 2009

    Canada does not have a brilliant reputation in the fight against climate change. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on record as a climate sceptic before he came to power. And only last month, Joseph Hansen, a scientist famous for blowing the whistle on the climate problem, said there were few countries that have done more to undermine international efforts to fight climate change in recent years, than Canada. Yet, as I discovered on a visit to Ontario, this vast province, often referred to as the economic engine of the country, is seriously committed to phasing out all coal-fired electricity generation within five years and to becoming North America's leading green jurisdiction.

  • COMMENTARY: Nano: a people's car too many?

    21 January 2008

    Tata's little people's car, the Nano, costs only £1,300, can seat five at a pinch and does 54 miles to the gallon. It is set to sell by the million in India and elsewhere. Here we publish a commentary on this controversial car from Micheal Renner of the Worldwatch Institute and a related plea from the Centre for Science and Environment in Delhi.

  • The new capitalism can save the planet

    23 October 2007

    Jonathon Porritt is Founder Director of Forum for the Future and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission revised paperback edition of Capitalism As If The World Matters is published today by Earthscan (£16.99, 978-1-84407-193-7).

  • COMMENTARY: China could lead the way to climate cooldown

    23 October 2007

    Jonathan Porritt's revised and updated book,Capitalism as if the World Matters has been described as "The best account of where we are now and how we might move ahead". Here, in a specially commissioned article, he sets out a controversial view about the role that newly awakened China might play in combatting the climate crisis.

  • UK car clubs take off

    22 October 2007

    Emissions from transport are currently responsible for around 25 per cent of the UK's total carbon dioxide output, but a national network of car clubs in the UK could save an extra 115,000 tonnes of CO2 annually by 2010, according to the UK Energy Research Centre.

  • Green school project proves its worth

    19 January 2007

    Some 300 schools across India are now involved in a unique Green Schools Programme through which the students themselves audit and record their school's environmental performance. Many have proved successful in finding new ways to save resources used by the school, including water, land, energy and waste.

  • China's cars on road to ruin?

    7 June 2005

    In 1990 there were just one million cars on Chinese roads. Fourteen years later that number has rapidly risen to 12 million, and this year alone a further 2.4 million new cars will be added. In itself, that's a lot of new cars, but the figures take on an altogether greater significance when you realise where this trend might lead.

  • Power company rescues Philippine mangroves

    11 May 2004

    Environmentalists were not happy when a Philippine company decided to construct a big coal-fired power station on the coast at Pagbilao, a poor town some 93 miles south of the capital, Manila. But, by setting out to restore the most diverse mangrove forest in the country, the company has earned their respect and the support of the local community.