Green Industry : Factfile

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  • Environmental management

    25 January 2006

    In spite of considerable progress by some parts of industry in reducing its environmental footprint over the past decade, pressure on the world's ecosystems continues unabated. Here are some recent trends:

  • Energy

    25 January 2006

    Although fossil fuels still account for 90 per cent of commercial energy consumption, the private sector in some countries is waking up to the unprecedented investment opportunity offered by renewable energy technologies to supply our growing power needs sustainably. A number of innovative government policies are helping to spur this trend:

  • Corporate social responsibility

    25 January 2006

    There is a growing awareness in business that environmental issues are only part of the sustainability equation and that social and developmental aspects also fall within companies' sphere of responsibility.

  • Corporate horror awards

    24 January 2006

    Multinational Monitor's annual nomination of the Ten Multinational Monitor's annual nomination of the Ten Worst Corpoartions for 2004 is as follows in alphabetical order: