Population Pressures : Films

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  • ICPD 10 years on

    8 October 2004

    TVE has made two programmes, broadcast on BBC World in October 2004, assessing progress 10 years after the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

  • World in the Balance

    15 April 2004

    It took all of human history until the year 1804 for our population to reach its first billion. Now a billion new people are added every twelve years. In the industrialized world-Japan, Europe, and the United States-birthrates are falling steeply while the senior citizen population is booming. In this two-hour Earth Day special, the award-winning US science series, NOVA, explores these and other trends in the relationship between people and the planet.

  • Videoshare

    11 January 2001

    The Videoshare project was established by the Johns Hopkins University Media/Materials Clearinghouse (M/MC) to share feature films, television spots, documentaries, television serial dramas, and special programming focusing on public health.

  • The Ageing Game

    4 September 2000

    Hedi is 81. Every morning he's shaved in the barber's shop of the old people's home in Tunisia where he lives. He's visited daily by the home's director, and sometimes even by Tunisia's President Ben Ali, who has made it obligatory for working people to give their parents a pension, and even instituted an annual Old People's Day to honour the elderly publicly.

  • Everyone's Child

    4 September 2000

    This moving, beautifully shot and acted feature film, is the latest to come from the Media for Development Trust in Zimbabwe, whose producers have pioneered a genre of African drama that has proved both popular and successful.

  • People power

    4 September 2000

    Ben Ludovici, a fisherman in the Central Visayas Region of the Philippines, is one of the stars of Investing in People, the latest 25-minute People & the Planet video. With his family, he has now planted some 30,000 mangrove trees as part of a project aimed at reforesting the coast and reviving the local fisheries.