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  • The Environment in Asia Pacific Harbours

    20 January 2006

    Urbanisation has already reached unprecedented levels in the estuarine and coastal zone of the the Asia Pacific region, resulting in increasing environmental degradation. This book details how science can provide solutions so that economic and social developments can be ecologically sustainable.

  • The End of the Line

    24 June 2004

    The demand for fish by an increasingly health and fashion conscious public is ever growing, while the battle over the world's waters between hi-tech trawlers, local fishermen and environmentalists rages on. But while the politicians fight it out an environmental catastrophe is at hand, as Charles Clover makes brilliantly clear.

  • Seal wars: Twenty-five years on the front lines for the seals

    1 April 2004

    There's a war going on at the ice floes off the east coast of Canada between the sealing industry (which includes the Canadian Government) and the crew of Sea Shepherd led by Captain Paul Watson.

  • The Empty Ocean

    1 December 2003

    Author and artist Richard Ellis says that he felt impelled to write this book as "a fire alarm in a burning building". It tells, with style and grace, the story of humanity's plunder of life in the sea and weighs the chances for its recovery.

  • Coastal Waters of the World

    18 October 2000

    "Our coastal areas are suffering from gigantism," a civil servant from Bombay tells author Don Hinrichsen. "They are becoming like Frankenstein monsters: They are too big and out of control for us to manage." This fear of the current plight of the planet's coasts as the global population migrates to where water meets land is the thread running through this book.

  • Song for the Ocean Blue

    18 October 2000

    Fifty years ago, Aldo Leopold's Sand County Almanac inspired a generation to begin conserving North America's wild lands and their wildlife. But while the terrestrial conservation movement grew and flourished, the oceans and their wildlife continued to suffer, largely out of sight and out of mind.

  • Sea Change

    18 October 2000

    While the discovery of water on the moon makes international headlines, vast tracts of our planet, the deep oceans, remain largely ignored and uncared for.

  • Reef Fisheries

    18 October 2000

    Coral reefs typify human dependence on the marine environment. The current global reef fish catch is around six million tonnes per year and represents up to 25 per cent of total fish landings in some countries, providing indispensable protein for coastal populations.

  • Coastal Zone Management Handbook

    18 October 2000

    This is nothing less than a complete and thorough discussion of what everyone should know about coastal areas by noted marine biologist and author John Clark. It covers virtually every relevant topic in the broad field of coastal area management.