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  • New books from Earthscan

    22 December 2009

  • The State of the World Atlas

    27 November 2008

    Over 50 full-colour world maps and graphics break down hardcore statistics to provide a compelling analysis of all the political, social, economic and ecological nightmares that keep us awake at night.

  • Migration wall chart

    3 August 2006

    As interest in global migration grows, the UN Nations Population Division has published a timely wall chart titled 'International Migration 2006'.

  • One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment

    28 September 2005

    In celebration of the 2005 World Environment Day, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)launched this atlas in co-operation with NASA, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the University of Maryland.

  • Vital Signs 2003

    14 October 2003

    Failure to meet the needs of the world's poorest citizens threatens long-term global stability, reports a new publication by the Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs 2003: The Trends That are Shaping Our Future.

  • Eco-Economy

    24 April 2002

    This is more than a book. It is the start of a new campaign by the president of the recently formed Earth Policy Institute, and founder of the Worldwatch Institute, to inform the world about the changes needed to save the natural support systems of the global economy.

  • An Overcrowded World?

    22 April 2002

    This children's guide - one of an excellent series of 21st Century Debates - is aimed at 11 to 16-year-old schoolchildren. It looks at the impact of human population growth on the planet and how this could affect our future. Over the last fifty years the world's population has more than doubled. According to some experts, our ever-increasing demands will eventually exhaust the earth's supplies of fuel, water and food.

  • Maybe One: A Personal and Environmental Argument for Single-Child Families

    1 September 2000

    "Population is a subject I've been trying to avoid for years, and not just because I know it will cause turmoil and angry controversy. It scared me more because it forced me and my wife to confront head-on the issue of how many children we were going to have... and in our case the conversation ended with me in a vasectomy clinic."

  • Creating a New Consensus on Population:

    1 September 2000

    As former Director of the UN Population Fund's Technical and Evaluation Division (recently renamed Technical and Policy Division), Jyoti Singh was one of the key "movers and shakers" working tirelessly behind the scenes at the Cairo Conference to create a new global consensus on population and development. It is fitting that this book comes out on the eve of the five-year review of the implementation of the Cairo agenda, agreed to by all 179 governments present at this momentous conference, held in September 1994 in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Beyond Malthus: Sixteen Dimensions of the Population Problem

    1 September 2000

    This is a sobering analysis of the population problem, written with all the hard facts and clarity which we have come to expect from Worldwatch. As such, it is an excellent primer for all those who dismiss population as a central factor in the struggle for a sustainable future - or think the problem is well on the way to being solved.