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  • Obama raises hopes for tackling the eco crunch

    5 November 2008

    The election of Barack Obama as President elect of the United States has raised hopes among environmentalists that a new impetus will be given to global efforts to combat climate change and address the wider issues of a sustainable future for all life on our planet. Here we give some early reactions to Obama's election victory and list some of promises that Barack Obama has already made.

  • Millennium summit falls far short of needs

    29 September 2008

    It was a cruel coincidence that the day set aside for the world to consider the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - September 25 - was also the day that the world was preoccupied by something else, the crisis in United States financial markets, writes John Madeley, in this report on the outcome of that event.

  • Bigger response to global threats essential, says UN

    24 October 2007

    In a new global assessment of the State of the World, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says that governments, businesses and individuals have not given environmental action the priority required despite better scientific understanding that the future of humankind depends on a healthy environment.

  • 'Disaster diplomacy' could save many lives

    11 June 2007

    Natural disasters strain the social and economic fabric of affected communities, often reinforcing inequalities and even triggering disputes. However, according to a new report, donor governments, disaster relief agencies, and others can capitalise on unusual peacemaking opportunities when disaster strikes in areas of acute conflict.

  • World Summit ends with mixed feelings

    20 September 2005

    The UN World Summit, which ended at the weekend with the adoption of a formal document, has disappointed many non-government groups. Christian Aid said 'the UN has failed the world's poorest people by watering down pledges on key development issues'. Friends of the Earth criticised the summit for failing to agree any firm action on climate change. But others took hope from new global commitments.

  • COMMENTARY: G8 leaders fail to lead

    28 July 2005

    The eight top world leaders who went to Gleneagles in July for the G8 summit achieved very little by meeting together.

  • G8: hope for Africa but gloom over climate

    9 July 2005

    The world's wealthiest countries yesterday signed the biggest aid deal in history for Africa, a package Tony Blair said he hoped would "lift the shadow of terrorism".

  • Focus on Africa at G8 summit

    13 June 2005

    Africa and climate change will be centre-stage at the annual summit of the world's eight most powerful leaders, when they meet at Gleneagles in Scotland, from July 6-8. This special report is by John Madeley.

  • Poor progress in efforts to curb child deaths

    21 April 2005

    The World Bank has warned that progress is lagging in a United Nations campaign to reduce child deaths and expand educational opportunities by 2015, and has called on rich countries to come up with additional financial aid.

  • Women chart environmental agenda

    14 October 2004

    Urgent investigation into the impact of toxic chemicals on women and girls was one of a number of recommendations made today at the close of a landmark UN Environnment Programme (UNEP) conference on Women and the Environment in Nairobi.