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  • Population Reports - JHUCCP

    9 January 2002

    Population Reports is an international review journal of important issues in population, family planning and related health matters. It is published four times a year in four languages by the Population Information Program at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Each issue is a comprehensive and up-to-date review of research and program developments on a specific topic in the broad field of reproductive health.


    6 December 2001

    Launched by OneWorld Africa in partnership with over 100 leading aid agencies, human rights and campaign groups worldwide. The site aims to promote under-standing, knowledge sharing and action on AIDS as a development, social, economic and human rights issue.

  • UN Human Development Report

    27 September 2001

    The annual Human Development Report published by the UN Development Programme contains several indices to measure different aspects of human development, including economic and educational performance, life expectancy, aid and debt, gender inequality, crime, demographic trends, poverty and more. A bible for those interested in all aspects of development.

  • Women's International Network

    4 September 2001

    Women's International Network is publisher of Win News which has useful coverage of many issues affecting women including Women and Health, Women and Development, Women and Environment and Women and Violence.

  • Reproductive Health Gateway

    9 January 2001

    Reproductive health search engine. Searches selected websites to provide links to information on a wide range of reproductive health topics.

  • re/productions

    14 December 2000

    re/productions is an on-line journal produced by Harvard University's Global Reproductive Health Forum. It is dedicated to creating a forum for presenting and discussing serious work by researchers, activists, and organizations challenging basic assumptions about reproductive health and gender.

  • Network magazine

    30 October 2000

    Network is Family Health International's quarterly magazine on family planning andreproductive health.

  • Amnesty International

    17 September 2000

    Human rights organisation campaigning against abuses of women's rights, such as Female Genital Mutilation.

  • Familyplanet

    15 September 2000

    The goal of PLANet is to raise awareness of international family planning in the minds of the American public, and to make it a priority among issues facing the U.S. and the world.

  • Population Reference Bureau

    8 September 2000

    The Washington-based Population Reference Bureau (PRB) provides information on U.S. and international population trends and their implications.