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  • Changing ways in Uganda

    1 September 2000

    Kapchorwa, a tiny town in the remote mountains of eastern Uganda, is the unlikely setting for a remarkable success story in the struggle to change traditional attitudes to the circumcision of young girls, writes Charlotte Metcalf.

  • Let's talk about sex

    31 August 2000

    Worldwide, six out of every ten teenage pregnancies is unplanned, with major social, economic and health consequences. The problem is especially worrying in a country like India where the teenage population is expected to grow from 190 million to 240 million by 2015. Anita Anand reports from Delhi on the urgent need for better sex education.

  • The unbroken pot

    31 August 2000

    Ghana has ambitious plans to promote safe motherhood and child survival, with a special emphasis on the role of traditional midwives. Nancy Durrell McKenna reports from one Ghanaian village.

  • Taking health to the High Sierra

    31 August 2000

    One of the great challenges for sustainable human development in the new century is the provision of good quality reproductive health services to people living in poor urban settlements and remote rural areas. One successful model is the Jambi Huasi or Health House which is flourishing among the Quechua-speaking people of the Ecuadorean Andes. Don Hinrichsen travelled there to research this report.

  • The missing billions?

    30 August 2000

    The promise of the Cairo Conference was to spend $17 billion a year on population programmes by the end of the century. Population Action International reports on the world's response.