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  • 34 million 'Friends of UNFPA Campaign' hits $1 million milestone

    7 May 2003

    The founders of the grassroots campaign "34 Million Friends of UNFPA" have announced that it has raised $1 million to support the United Nations Population Fund, mostly in small donations. More than 100,000 Americans have contributed to the campaign to help replace funds withheld by the United States Administration last July.

  • Bush's 'war against women'

    1 April 2003

    Shielded by the smokescreen of war, President George Bush is waging another stealth campaign, systematically working to undermine reproductive freedom around the world, claims The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

  • The next wave of AIDS

    17 March 2003

    The focal point of the HIV/AIDS epidemic will shift in the next few years from Central and Southern Africa to five populous countries - Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, India, and China - according to a report by the US National Intelligence Council.

  • Unsafe motherhood exposed

    13 February 2003

    Of all the statistics monitored by the World Health Organization, maternal mortality is the one with the largest discrepancy between developed and developing countries, according to Making Pregnancy and Childbirth Safer, the latest of a series of Fact Sheets on reproductive health in Asia.

  • Campaign will combat tragedy of fistula

    5 November 2002

    An Ethiopian woman who suffered an agonising pregnancy-related disability - known as fistula - and lost her baby, has helped launch a United Nations campaign to tackle this distressing birth injury.

  • New start for family planning in Afghanistan

    4 November 2002

    After years of neglect, two new family health clinics are being established in Kabul, the Afghan capital, and traditional birth attendents (TBAs) are being trained outside the city in Parwan Province, 122 km from Kabul.

  • India shuns sex education for young people

    30 October 2002

    The Indian government has no plans to introduce sex education for 12 to 24 year olds, even though this age-group now numbers about 300 million and studies show that they have a growing interest in pre-marital sex. This is fuelling the spread of AIDS, social activists say.

  • Teen sex and abortion on the rise across India

    29 October 2002

    Teenage sex in India is on the rise and so are resultant pregnancies and abortions. Even more alarming is the increase in teenage deaths due to unsafe abortions.

  • Longer birth spacing healthier for mothers and babies

    17 October 2002

    New research finds that the ideal time for a mother to have another child is between three to five years after her last birth. Waiting longer than the previously recommended two-year gap between births gives infants and children through age five a better chance of survival, according to a new study.

  • AIDS set to spiral in Russia, India and China

    8 October 2002

    The spread of HIV is expected to accelerate in Asia and Africa over the next decade with 75 million cases likely in five of the world's most populous countries by 2010, a US intelligence report predicts.