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  • Big slump in family planning funds

    4 April 2006

    Funding for family planning has dropped precipitately in the last decade,and now makes up only 10 per cent of all population-related assistance, compared to more than half in 1994, the United Nations was warned yesterday.

  • Bishops in Philippines back family planning

    23 February 2006

    Protestant Bishops have taken a bold stand on artificial birth control, in sharp contrast with the policy of the Catholic Church.

  • Development efforts must include family planning

    21 February 2006

    Development projects designed to improve maternal and child welfare in Africa may incur unexpected costs associated with increases in family size if they do not include a component of family planning, according to new research from the University of Bristol.

  • Bush proposes to slash global family planning aid

    16 February 2006

    President Bush's budget proposal for the first time since he took office includes "sharp cuts" for funding of international family planning programmes, which the Bush administration previously said were "one of the best ways to prevent abortion."

  • African Bank gives help for mothers in Malawi

    15 February 2006

    The landlocked country of Malawi, in East Africa, with its high plateau and beautiful Rift Valley lake, suffers one of the world's highest death rates among women and babies from causes related to pregnancy. Now the African Development Bank has given US$21.44 million to help reduce that tragedy.

  • UN and UK defy US funding bans

    6 February 2006

    In the face of a continuing funding ban by the US administration, because of its work in China, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has approved its sixth programme of assistance to that country, totalling $27 million over five years. The move has the support of many European countries and has been followed today by the creation of a new fund, led by the United Kingdom, to provide safe abortion services to organisations in developing countries cut off from American funding because of the so-called 'Gag Rule'.

  • Big drop in HIV infection in Zambabwe reported

    6 February 2006

    Changes in sexual behaviour are believed to have triggered a striking decline in HIV prevalence in eastern Zimbabwe, according to a team of British scientists.

  • 10 million missing girls in India

    17 January 2006

    At least 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India over the past two decades by families determined to ensure they have male heirs, according to a new survey.

  • Experts attack damaging approach to AIDS pandemic

    22 November 2005

    All too often, AIDS campaigners and those who promote family planning pursue their goals in isolation of each other. This has slowed progress in reproductive health care in Asia, and enabled the AIDS pandemic to continue spreading, leading experts in the field said this week.

  • HIV numbers rise to 40 million

    22 November 2005

    Despite decreases in the rate of infection in certain countries, the overall number of people living with HIV has continued to increase in all regions of the world except the Caribbean, according to the AIDS Epidemic Update2005 report published on 21 November by UNAIDS and WHO.