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  • Five former USAID officials ask Obama for leadership on family planning

    22 January 2009

    Five former directors of the Population and Reproductive Health Program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have urged the new Obama administration to move quickly to restore US leadership in global family planning.

  • Time to abolish Gag Rule says population agency

    22 January 2009

    In a well-timed report, a leading US pressure group has called for a radical change in US funding for reproductive health and family planning in the 15 focus countries now receiving help with HIV/AIDS under the President's Emergency Relief for AIDS Plan (PEPFAR).

  • US aid agency denies contraceptives for Africa

    1 October 2008

    The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has instructed its staff to force governments in several African countries to discontinue the provision of US-funded contraceptive supplies from a leading non-government agency - a decision which, the NGO warns, is likely lead to more abortions and deaths in several East African countries.

  • Millennium goals falter because of gender neglect

    22 September 2008

    Much more attention must be given to women's needs, and gender equalities, if the targets set out in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are to be reached, according to a report by a leading UK research group.

  • Catholic groups call for change on contraception

    29 July 2008

    More than 50 dissident Catholic groups published an unusually frank open letter to Pope Benedict on 25 July saying the Church's ban on contraception has been "catastrophic" and urging him to lift it.

  • Solar power harnessed for safe motherhood

    16 July 2008

    Solar powered DVD players are being used by a reproductive health charity to show films on safe motherhood in remote and isolated villages.

  • UN appeal for family planning funds snubbed by USA

    11 July 2008

    On World Population Day, the United Nations has called for more funds for family planning to reduce maternal mortality and help fight inequality and poverty. But the US Government has announced it is to withhold family planning funds voted by Congress for the seventh successive year.

  • World Bank calls for more family planning

    11 July 2008

    A new World Bank report published for World Population Day (11 July) says that despite a huge increase in contraception globally, 51 million unintended pregnancies in developing countries occur every year to women not using contraception. Another 25 million pregnancies occur because women's contraception fails or they use a contraceptive incorrectly.

  • Global HIV prevalence has levelled off

    21 November 2007

    New data show global HIV prevalence - the percentage of people living with HIV - has levelled off and that the number of new infections has fallen, in part as a result of the impact of HIV programmes. Improvements in surveillance have increased understanding of the epidemic, resulting in substantial revisions to estimates.

  • New implants for family planning revealed

    30 October 2007

    The next generation of contraceptive implants offer an extremely effective way to expand family planning choices for women and reduce the incidence of maternal mortality worldwide, according to a new report.