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  • Child mortality gap is growing

    22 July 2003

    The gap between child mortality rates in rich and poor countries is growing increasingly wide, the medical journal The Lancet reports in the latest of a series of articles on child health.

  • People must join in battle for resources, says report

    15 July 2003

    All governments must integrate environmental impacts into their economic decision-making, if global poverty and environmental detioration are to be successfully tackled, says the latest World Resources report.

  • The lost decade

    9 July 2003

    They were promised a brighter future, but in the 1990s the world's poor fell further behind. Larry Elliott reports.

  • Egypt withdraws from WTO GM complaint

    28 June 2003

    Attempts by the United States Administration to force Europe to accept GM food and crops received a serious blow after Egypt announced that it would not be part of a WTO challenge to the European Union's de facto moratorium on approving new GM licenses. The Egyptian Government says that it has taken its decision because it recognises "the need to preserve adequate and effective consumer and environmental protection."

  • Poverty and environmental decline threatens global stability, says report

    22 May 2003

    Failure to meet the needs of the world's poorest citizens threatens long-term global stability, reports Vital Signs 2003, the latest in an annual series of reports on global trends, published by the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute.

  • Indian women win struggle for self reliance

    20 May 2003

    Traditionally, the women from the Mararikulam peninsula in the south Indian state of Kerala, have relied on their income from fish, coir (cocunut fibre) and coconuts. But globalised trade has undermined these industries and, in May 2002, women from eight villages vowed to find other ways to become self-reliant. A year later, they have achieved not just financial independence but also self-confidence and respect from their men. Sreedevi Jacob reports.

  • When the rich talk aid, the poor don't always get it

    7 May 2003

    Political leaders in the world's richest nations frequently proclaim their fervent desire to end poverty worldwide and boast of their spending on foreign aid to poor nations, reports the International Herald Tribune. Their aid efforts - which add up to about $58 billion a year - are praiseworthy. But grandstanding over foreign aid obscures the critical influence that rich countries' other policies have on the development of poor nations.

  • Consumer luxuries fuel 'resource wars', says study

    15 October 2002

    The world's insatiable demand for cellular phones and other consumer luxuries is fueling violent conflict and killing millions in developing countries, reports a new study from the Worldwatch Institute.

  • 'Help developing countries to trade' says FAO

    21 May 2002

    Globalization and the liberalization of trade for agricultural products, as well as the movement of capital and the transfer of technology must be organised in ways which enhance the living conditions of people in both the developed and the developing countries, warns the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General, Jacques Diouf.

  • WTO entry will put 40 million Chinese out of work

    21 May 2002

    China's membership of the World Trade organisation will cost the country 40 million jobs - an increase of 50 per cent in its unemployment rate, reports Nick Mathiaso.