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  • World Trade talks suspended but not yet dead

    8 August 2006

    Recent events in the Middle East have overshadowed the collapse last week of the efforts to reach agreement at the World Trade talks held in the Qatar capital of Doha, which hosted the so-called Doha Round of negotiations in 2001. But, says Martin Khor, the Doha talks are not dead, only facing what is likely to be a long period of 'hibernation'.

  • Fairtrade nuts reach UK despite Amazon floods

    27 March 2006

    With Fairtrade growing in Britain by 40 per cent a year, the problems of getting forest products to market are often overlooked. In Bolivia, for example, nut gatherers have recently made heroic efforts to get Fairtrade brazil nuts to UK consumers despite devastating flooding.

  • World Bank trade policies under fire

    23 March 2006

    A study by the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) released yesterday concludes that the World Bank's strategies on trade did not deliver on employment and poverty reduction.

  • Single Africa aid plan agreed

    6 October 2005

    All the commitments made by both donors and African countries to lift the continent out of poverty will be consolidated into one action plan and monitored on an annual basis, the UK Department for International Development (DfID) said yesterday.

  • Fairtrade takes off in UK

    22 February 2005

    The number of Fairtrade products available in Britain has rocketed from around 150 in 2003 to more than 700 today. The speed at which the range has diversified reveals a major shift in attitudes towards Fairtrade, the organisation says.

  • Make Poverty History campaign launched

    24 January 2005

    An alliance of over 100 non-governmental organisations launched a Make Poverty History campaign in the UK in January. The NGOs range from larger development bodies, such as Oxfam, to smaller groups such as the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS. They plan to put pressure on the British government in 2005 on trade, debt relief and aid issues.

  • Deal on global trade holds out hope for poor nations

    5 August 2004

    Rich and poor countries last night pledged to secure a new global trade accord by the end of next year after a week of intensive negotiations banished immediate fears of a new era of protectionism by agreeing to cut deep into the west's lavish farm subsidies.

  • Oxfam to open fair trade coffee shops

    14 May 2004

    Oxfam is to launch a chain of fair trade coffee shops in the UK, called Progreso, in a bid to pioneer a new style of business which guarantees a fair price to coffee producers in developing countries while serving the country's coffee lovers.

  • New study shows one billion children in poverty

    14 November 2003

    Drawing from the largest, most accurate survey sample of children ever assembled, a new UNICEF-sponsored report has found that over one billion children (more than half of those living in developing countries) suffer from the severe effects of poverty and 674 million (over a third) are living in conditions of absolute poverty.

  • Cancun - hope in midst of collapse

    22 September 2003

    The collapse of the The World Trade Organisation's fifth ministerial meeting in Cancún on its final day, September 14, destroyed all hopes that the talks might achieve some form of consensus. But, says John Madeley, who covered the meeting for this website, the new alliances among developing countries could change the future balance of power in the WTO.