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  • Globe 2004 signals next industrial revolution

    16 April 2004

    Some of the most innovative environmental technologies were on display, and more than 2,000 of the brightest corporate executives, government ministers, and thinkers in the world of sustainability were on hand here March 31 through April 2 at Globe 2004 - a biannual conference and trade show on the business of the environment that attracts up to 10,000 visitors at a time.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Mexican community foresters sell smart wood to IKEA

    3 February 2004

    The Mexican state of Durango, with its rugged landscape and imposing Sierra Madre mountain range, first gained international fame via Hollywood westerns. Today fans of fine furnishings can bring a little piece of Durango into their living rooms, thanks to an enterprising pueblo, an international conservation group, and two forward-thinking furniture companies.

  • Shopping for a better world

    5 June 2003

    From the cat-walk to the consumer the world's leading fashion designers and retail giants could play a major role in saving the planet, says the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Now, to encourage more ecologically sensitive retailing, UNEP is launching a new drive, which it calls "shopping for a better world."

  • Changing the business climate

    24 September 2002

    Critics of the Kyoto Climate Treaty argue that its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are not economically viable. However, many companies have of their own accord put similar targets in place, with benefits not only to the environment, but to profits and productivity as well.

  • A new profit motive

    3 April 2002

    'Creating jobs with fair wages. Making products that respect the health of the Earth and its people. Protecting land and wildlife. A business that does any one of these things is a step ahead of the rest,' says Katherine Kerlin writing in E/The Environment Magazine. Here she gives two examples of companies that are finding a way to do all three.

  • Country report - 2. The Netherlands

    20 July 2001

    Green partnerships take root In the last few years, new patterns of co-operation have been established in The Netherlands between government, industry and the environmental move-ment. Jacqueline Cramer reports.

  • The Great Debate - Peter Knight v David Korten

    20 July 2001

    Can corporations be trusted? Yes says Peter Knight

  • Country report - 1. The Philippines

    19 July 2001

    'A moral obligation' Rapidly indusrialising Asian countries are experiencing severe environmental damage. But in the Philippines, as elsewhere, some buisnesses are trying to 'go green'. Henrylito Tacio reports.

  • But what about the poor?

    18 July 2001

    So the environment has been "discovered" by transitional corporations. Some TNCs are making the right noises about not degrading the environment with their activities, about using natural resources in a sustainable way and so on. This is good news. There is of course a huge gap between words and action, and TNCs will now be watched very carefully to see if they translate their words into action. John Madeley reports.

  • Changing corporate culture

    18 July 2001

    Companies today have to face up to a 'triple bottom line'. They have to meet not only economic goals, but environmental and social ones. To suceed in the 21st century they will have to face up to seven business revolutions, says John Elkington.