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  • Environmental hotel

    29 April 2003

    The Royal York Hotel, in downtown Toronto, Canada, has launched and expanded its programme for making the hotel one of the most environmentally-friendly in North America.

  • Green signals from cellphone companies

    27 February 2003

    With over a billion mobile phones in use worldwide, major manufacturers have agreed to cooperate with the Hazardous Wastes Convention to bring about sound management of their end-of-life disposal.

  • Major electronics companies join forces in European recycling effort

    20 December 2002

    Braun, Electrolux, HP and Sony have announced that they are teaming up to ceate a common waste management procurement platform for the electrical and electronic goods market. This new environmental initiative opens a new chapter in Europe's move to safeguard the industry, consumers and the environment from the impact of electronic and electrical waste disposal.

  • Starbucks to promote 'Fair Trade' coffee

    19 September 2002

    Starbucks Coffee Company has agreed to collaborate in a unique pilot project to help small-scale Mexican coffee producers expand their access to the global marketplace and increase the availability of high quality Fair Trade certified coffee.

  • Industry is falling short, says UNEP

    23 July 2002

    There is a growing gap between the efforts of business and industry to reduce their impact on the environment and the worsening state of the planet, according to a recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

  • Consumers are choosing a green future

    24 June 2002

    Well-informed consumers are emerging as a new force in the global struggle to create an environmentally sustainable world. Aided by labelling programmes, standards, and an expanding group of social and environmental certification organizations, the world's consumers are "voting with their wallets" for products and services that promote sustainable development, according to a new Worldwatch Institute report, Vital Signs 2002. cover

  • Chrysler speeds up green agenda

    18 June 2002

    The first vehicle manufacturing plant to take advantage of new paint technology that reduces emissions by at least 25 per cent while improving the paint quality of the vehicles, has been opened by the Chysler Group in Newark, USA.

  • Four major companies buy green power

    17 June 2002

    Four leading US companies have announced clean energy projects as part of the Green Power Market Development Group, a unique commercial and industrial partnership dedicated to building corporate markets for green power.

  • WWF welcomes ecologically friendly palm oil measure

    15 February 2002

    Switzerland's largest retail chain, Migros, in collaboration with WWF, the conservation organization, has become the first European retailer to commit to source all of its palm oil from plantations that have not been established at the expense of tropical forests.

  • Cement company's concrete commitment to the environment

    23 November 2001

    Lafarge, a leading industrial group and world leader in cement production, has announced its commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions as part of its effort to combat global warming. As a partner in the World Wide Fund for Natures's (WWF) 'Conservation Partner' programme, it has pledged a 10 per cent reduction below 1990 levels by 2010 in CO2 emissions per tonne of cement produced worldwide.