Climate Change : Features

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  • Emerging diseases in a warmer world

    19 February 2001

    Environmental and social changes are leading to the outbreak of new diseases and a resurgence of the old ones warns Dr Paul Epstein, a leading expert in health and the global environment.

  • Changing nature in a warmer world

    19 February 2001

    Media coverage of climate change has been characterised by both sensationalism and speculation. However, a number of recent scientific studies have emerged showing how various species around the world - from a variety of latitudes and environments - are altering their behaviour or distribution as a result of global warming. Maya Pastakia reports.

  • 'Malaria is creeping up the mountains'

    19 February 2001

    Dr Rudi Slooff is a leading expert on climate change and human health, and co-author of the latest international assessment of the problem. A former technical officer with the World Health Organization's Office of Global and Integrated Environmental Health, he was interviewed in Geneva by John Bland for People & the Planet.