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  • COPENHAGEN POSTSCRIPT - 2 Selling a low-carbon life just got harder

    22 December 2009

    Despite the brave faces now being put on the the Copenhagen accord, to see it as anything other than a failure is simply dishonest, says Jonathon Porritt, in this second Copenhagen postscript.

  • Editor's blog: Eleven days to save the world

    21 December 2009

    As climate negotiations in Copenhagen get under way - talks that could save or damn human life on the planet - the prospect of a political pact leading the way to a binding climate treaty later in 2010 seems, just possibly, within reach.

  • COPENHAGEN POSTSCRIPT- 1 Why were leaders ignoring their national interests?

    20 December 2009

    In the first of a series of commentaries on the Copenhagen climate summit we publish some personal thoughts from the president of the influential Global Footprint Network.

  • POPULATION COMMENTARY: A low cost, low risk strategy to help curb climate change

    16 December 2009

    Trillions of mirrors launched into space to deflect the sun's rays. A massive fleet of ships churning up sea spray to increase Earth's cloud cover. As political responses to climate change limp along, scientists currently are debating these and other geoengineering schemes to stabilize the climate. Yet, as many have observed, such schemes carry formidable costs - and risks.

  • SOS to Copenhagen from the Sunderbans

    11 December 2009

    Tanushree Patra, a woman from the remote island village of Govindopur Abad in the Sunderban delta area of West Bengal, is at the Copenhagen climate conference. As world leaders discuss the pros and cons related to global warming and climate change, Tanushree, 32, is highlighting her first-hand experience of living in one of the three worst-affected climate hotspots of the world.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Preparing for 500 million environmental refugees

    1 December 2009

    Fourteen years ago, the writers published a major report on the emerging crisis of environmental refugees. Since then the issue has all but dropped from sight as other consequences of climate change have taken centre stage. Now, after two further years of research, the authors have prepared a new report, the essence of which is summarised here for the first time.

  • CLIMATE COMMENTARY: No climate deal until 'trust gap' is bridged

    1 December 2009

    Our partner charity, Hard Rain, will launch its latest film on DVD at the opening of the Hard Rain exhibition in Copenhagen on 6 December - the eve of the UN Climate Conference. It combines the images from Hard Rain with a rare live version of Bob Dylan performing A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall at Carnegie Hall, New York. It will be accompanied by a thought-provoking, 46-page booklet The Urgency of Now, by Lloyd Timberlake. Here we reproduce a short excerpt from its closing section.

  • TOWARDS COPENHAGEN - 5: Blueprint for a 'big picture' agreement at climate talks

    23 November 2009

    It is now accepted that a legally binding treaty to tackle climate change will not be agreed in Copenhagen in December. But there is still hope that a political settlement will be agreed in preparation for a comprehensive, and legally binding treaty in 2010, once the United States has passed the domestic legislation necessary to commit to a final target and timetable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Just what such a political pact in Copenhagen might include has been analysed by the World Resources Institute and is summarised here.

  • Editor's blog: Wonderful Copenhagen?

    21 November 2009

    Where are we on the road to Copenhagen - with the final round of global climate talks, in December, now only a few weeks away? Not very far, according to reports from the latest preparatory meeting, in Bangkok. The words 'stalemate' and 'recrimination' sum up the mood of observers at the meeting.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Spreading wildfires could bring 'an inferno on earth'

    20 November 2009

    This year Australia experienced the worst wildfires in the country's history. Elsewhere, fire regimes are changing and are projected to change even more as the planet heats up. In this careful report on a growing problem, Janet Larsen warns unless we stabilise the climate quickly, it may be impossible to avert an inferno on earth.