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  • Alaskan glacier melt accelerates sea level rise

    19 July 2002

    In one more piece of evidence that the Earth's climate is warming rapidly, a new study published in Science magazine (July 19, 2002) has found that Alaska's glaciers are melting more quickly than previously believed.

  • International climate chief voted out

    25 April 2002

    The Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been ousted following a campaign orchestrated by Esso and the Bush administration. Robert Watson - an eminent US scientist who was replaced by engineer and economist Rajenda Pachauri from India following a 57-49 vote by IPCC members on April 19 - had consistently warned governments of the dangers of climate change.

  • Climate change could come quickly, study warns

    15 February 2002

    Climate change may come on fast and furious, wreaking sudden and catastrophic damage on people, property, and natural ecosystems, warns a new report from the US National Research Council. The study provides further evidence that human-caused greenhouse warming may increase the possibility of abrupt and unwelcome climatic events.

  • Global warming bakes australia's natural treasures

    15 February 2002

    Three of Australia's World Heritage Areas are showing signs of significant damage due to low levels of climate change - Kakadu National Park, the Wet Tropics of Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef according to a report by Climate Action Network Australia.

  • Tackling methane and soot could reduce global warming

    15 February 2002

    Reducing methane emissions and soot could yield a major near-term success story in the battle against global warming, providing time to work on technologies to reduce future carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, a division of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

  • Nature's 'crown jewels' under threat from global warming

    12 February 2002

    Two devastating studies from the US National Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warn that even the most biologically-rich habitats on Earth face could devastation by the end of the century, unless urgent action is taken to combat global warming.

  • Tropical crop yields may plummet, scientists warn

    3 December 2001

    Harvests of some of the world'smost important food crops could fall by as much as a third in some crucial parts of the planet as a result of climate change, scientists are warning.

  • Clean energy schemes show results

    2 August 2001

    Voluntary actions by industry, governments and organizations are leading to small but significant reductions in emissions of global warming gases world-wide, according to research by the World Energy Council (WEC).

  • Pacific islands' migration plea

    30 July 2001

    While 180 governments were locked in intense negotiations on climate change in July (2001), the tiny South Pacific country of Tuvalu sent out an international SOS signal, writes Kalinga Seneviratne.

  • World applauds climate deal

    24 July 2001

    With the exception of the Bush administration, in Washington, governments and NGOs alike have given a welcome to the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol, as a first step to limiting greenhouse gases which threaten global warming. Agreement was reached in Bonn on July 23, after years of wrangling and two days and nights of negotiations.