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  • Highest icefields will not last 100 years, study finds

    24 September 2004

    The world's highest ice fields are melting so quickly that they are on course to disappear within 100 years, driving up sea levels, increasing floods and turning verdant mountain slopes into deserts, Chinese scientists warned yesterday.

  • Air pollution 'masking global warming'

    23 August 2004

    The true threat from global warming may have been masked by air pollution, a leading scientist warned today.

  • Greenland ice-sheet melting fast

    16 August 2004

    A report by the BBC's science correspondent, David Shukman, highlights new research which shows that Greenland's ice-sheet is melting 10 times faster than previously thought. If the entire ice-sheet were to melt, the global sea level would rise by seven metres, enough to swamp most of London.

  • New institute to combat flood disasters

    21 June 2004

    One of every six people on Earth lives today in the potential path of a 100 year flood - roughly one billion people. That number is expected to double by 2050 due to climate change, deforestation, rising sea levels, and population growth in flood-prone lands, warn experts at the United Nations University.

  • Scientists welcome Hollywood blockbuster on global warming

    2 June 2004

    Scientists, environmentalists and concerned politicians have welcomed the blockbuster film The The Day After Tomorrow as a wake up call to the climate crisis facing the planet.

  • Putin moves Russia towards ratifying the Kyoto Protocol

    24 May 2004

    President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia will move towards ratification of the Kyoto climate protocol, a step that could rescue the international agreement on limits to greenhouse gas emissions. Since the United States rejected the global warming treaty, Russia's backing has been essential to bring it into force.

  • Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

    3 March 2004

    The US President has denied the existence of global warming. But a secret report predicts a looming catastrophe - a world riven with water wars, famine and anarchy. Mark Townsend and Paul Harris report from New York.

  • Climate change threatens Patagonian glaciers

    13 February 2004

    If a picture paints a thousand words then the latest dramatic photos of Patagonian glaciers speak volumes about global warming. The images, taken by the Greenpeace research team on board its vessel, Arctic Sunrise, show the extent to which climate change has caused the ice to melt this century, when compared to photos of the same glaciers taken in 1928.

  • Ski resorts heading downhill owing to global warming

    5 December 2003

    Many low altitude ski resorts face economic hardship and even ruin as a result of global warming, warns the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

  • Melt warning for Arctic

    10 November 2003

    The ice covering the Arctic Ocean is getting thinner as summers lengthen, say British scientists. Melting seen in recent years is set to continue, they warn, with the eventual disappearance of ice during the summer months.