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  • Climate talks end in disappointment

    21 December 2004

    The 10th anniversary Conference on Climate Change, in Buenos Aires, closed at the weekend with a weak compromise agreement on how to take forward discussions on curbing global greenhouse emissions. Governments also agreed a package of measures to help countries adapt to climate change.

  • Extreme weather kicks up a storm for insurance industry

    16 December 2004

    Weather-related disasters in the year 2004, including hurricanes, typhoons and other storms, have made it the most expensive year ever for the worldwide insurance industry, running up a bill of more than $35 billion in losses.

  • Global temperature still rising

    14 December 2004

    The average global temperature for the first 11 months of 2004 - 14.60 degrees Celsius (58.28 degrees Fahrenheit) - makes it the fourth warmest year since recordkeeping began in 1880. February, October, and November of 2004 were the second warmest of those three months, and March and April were the third warmest on record.

  • Climate scientist reveals new plan to mop up carbon

    9 December 2004

    Seventeen years ago, Professor Wallace (Wally) Broecker, the eminent climate scientist and oceanographer, alerted the world to the danger that the ocean's great conveyer, the Gulf Stream, might close down with devastating consequences, if the climate was allowed to go on warming. This week, at a London briefing, he warned that renewable energy from wind power would not be able to prevent a critical rise in greenhouse gases within the time available. Instead, he advocates a revolutionary new technology, which could extract surplus carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Britain to miss targets on cutting greenhouse gases

    9 December 2004

    Britain looks likely to miss a key target in the fight against global warming by a wide margin, the Government was forced to admit yesterday.

  • Human carbon emissions using up oceans' absorption capacity

    5 November 2004

    Humans have used up about one-third of the potential of the world's oceans to absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide generated by human activities such as burning coal for electricity and gasoline for transportation.

  • Arctic's 'big melt' has begun

    2 November 2004

    The most comprehensive report on the impact of climate change on the Arctic shows that the 'big melt' has begun and that it will get worse more quickly unless emissions of carbon dioxide are cut without delay.

  • Global warming a bigger threat to poor

    20 October 2004

    Global warming threatens to reverse human progress, and make unachievable all UN targets to reduce poverty, according to some of the world's leading international and development groups.

  • Climate fear as carbon levels soar

    11 October 2004

    Scientists bewildered by sharp rise of CO2 in atmosphere for second year running.

  • Arctic sea ice decline accelerates

    5 October 2004

    The floating mass of ice that covers the Arctic Ocean continues to melt rapidly and there is little doubt global warming is playing a role in the decline, warn scientists.