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  • Act now on climate world scientists urge

    8 June 2005

    An unprecedented joint statement issued by the leading scientific academies of the world has called on the G8 governments to take urgent action to avert a global catastrophe caused by climate change.

  • Antarctic glaciers retreat under climate onslaught

    3 May 2005

    Glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula are shrinking rapidly as a result of climate change, scientists have found.

  • Arctic lakes show signs of global warming

    21 April 2005

    A major study of Arctic lake sediments provides new evidence of human-induced climate change and concludes it may soon be impossible to find "pristine Arctic environments untouched by climate warming."

  • Water crisis looms as Himalayan glaciers retreat

    15 March 2005

    Himalayan glaciers are among the fastest retreating glaciers globally due to the effects of global warming, and this will eventually result in water shortages for hundreds of millions of people who rely on glacier-dependent rivers in China, India and Nepal, warns WWF, the global conservation organization.

  • Cities climate campaign launched

    1 March 2005

    Over 100 cities will be targeted in new campaign to highlight the dangers of climate change and encourage local action to counter it. Organised by the British Council, the ZeroCarbonCity campaign will cost £4 million over the next two years and expects to reach at least 6 million people in 60 countries.

  • Kyoto - the next nine steps

    14 February 2005

    The Kyoto Protocol on climate change comes into force this week. But, says the conservation organisation WWF, countries need to take another nine steps to make the Protocol the success that the world needs to avoid dangerous levels of greenhouse warming.

  • Climate change 'will hit Africa hardest'

    2 February 2005

    Urgent action must be taken in order to prevent Africa from bearing the brunt of global warming, a scientific conference on climate change was told today.

  • Shell Chair urges UK government to act on climate change

    31 January 2005

    Warning against the "angry beast" of climate change, Lord Ron Oxburgh, Chairman of the UK arm of Shell, called for more determined action by the UK government to limit emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

  • Global warming 'close to tipping point'

    26 January 2005

    Scientists said this week that the world has only about 10 years to prevent global warming rising more than 2 degrees celsius, with massive impacts on human societies and terrestial eco-systems. Their findings coincide with the beginning of an effort by British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to highlight the issue at the G8 meetings and within the European Union, over both of which Britain presides this year. This report by J.R.Pegg is from the Environment News Service.

  • Power companies 'failing to meet climate challenge'

    13 January 2005

    The power sector, the biggest single contributor to climate change, is failing to act responsibly to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, says a leading conservation agency.