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  • Bangladesh threatened by floods and sea rise

    2 October 2006

    The rural poor of Bangladesh will be among the first to suffer the consequences of climate change with increased flooding, river erosion, and possible submergence beneath the sea. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts a rise in sea levels of anything from 9 to 95 cm by the year 2100. A rise towards the top end of this range would leave about 18 per cent of Bangladesh under water.

  • Warm water surging into Arctic Ocean

    1 October 2006

    Surges of warm water from the North Atlantic Ocean are flowing into the Arctic Ocean and could accelerate the melting of Arctic sea ice, according to scientists at the International Arctic Research Center (IARC). The influx of warmer water is increasing, the researchers warn, and is moving toward Alaska and the Canadian Basin.

  • Methane emissions on the rise

    30 September 2006

    Current projections of methane emissions are likely to be too optimistic, an international team of atmospheric scientists reported this week.

  • Global temperature close to danger point

    28 September 2006

    The planet's temperature has climbed to levels not seen in thousands of years, warming that has begun to affect plants and animals, researchers report in Tuesday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Climate of Central England jumps 1C

    18 September 2006

    Temperatures in Central England have warmed by one degree Celsius since 1960 and it's almost certainly a result of man-made climate change.

  • Starving seabirds hit by climate change?

    18 September 2006

    Reports of hundreds of dead or starving young seabirds around Scotland - including some many miles from the coast - and Northern Ireland are leading to speculation among experts that these incidents may be linked to climate change.

  • Asia-Europe summit gets climate message

    18 September 2006

    At the Asia-Europe Summit held recently in Helsinki, political leaders were told to make climate change a top priority in their future discussions and cooperation activities. Martin Khor reports.

  • UK given only four years to combat climate change

    15 September 2006

    The British Government has only four years to implement a major new programme of action to cut carbon emissions if the UK is to play its part in keeping global temperatures below danger levels an authoritative new report warns today.

  • Ice core analysis adds to climate concern

    15 September 2006

    Ice core records from Antarctica show the current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are higher now than at any time in the past 800,000 years and increasing at an unprecedented rate.

  • Forecast puts Earth's future under a cloud

    5 September 2006

    More than half of the world's major forests will be lost if global temperatures rise by an average of 3C or more by the end of the century, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet of the potential effects of human-made global warming.