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  • Science chief : 'cut birth rate to save Earth'

    24 July 2007

    Chris Rapley, the new head of the Science Museum in London, UK has an uncompromising view about how global warming should be dealt with: get rid of a few billion people.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Smart energy meters slash CO2

    14 July 2007

    A new device that monitors peoples' household energy use has helped people in Milton Keynes, England, to save up to £80 off their household electricity bills, and minimise the growing impact of climate change.

  • US Mayors take the lead in fighting climate change

    7 July 2007

    Cities throughout the USA, regardless of size, have initiated a host of actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, without significant support from their state and federal partners, finds a new survey released during the U.S. Conference of Mayors' 75th anniversary meeting in Los Angeles. ENS reports.

  • UK's first zero-emission home prototype

    6 July 2007

    The UK has unveiled its first zero emission home, which meets environmental standards to be compulsory for all new homes in the future.

  • China overtakes US as main CO2 polluter

    19 June 2007

    For the first time, China's emissions of CO2 have exceeded those of the United States, it was revealed today. According to the latest estimates, China's emissions in 2006 were 8 per cent greater than those of the United States.

  • Philip Pullman backs school environment initiative

    18 June 2007

    Philip Pullman, world-renowned author of the beloved 'His Dark Materials' children's trilogy, has pledged his enthusiastic support to a new environmental initiative underway at his local primary school on the outskirts of Oxford.

  • G8 takes an important step forward

    7 June 2007

    The G8 agreement on climate change, announced at the meeting of industrialised countries in Germany today, contains important steps forward with all G8 countries agreeing to negotiate a UN deal to reduce emissions in the long-term by 2009. Heads of State, however, failed to give concrete figures and timelines.

  • Canada on course to fail Kyoto

    6 June 2007

    Canada will fail to achieve its Kyoto targets due to the proposed expansion of its tar sands resources in Alberta says a report released to coincide with the G8+5 meeting of industrial countries now taking place in Germany.

  • Big melt threatens millions, says UN

    4 June 2007

    The futures of hundreds of millions of people across the world will be affected by declines in snow cover, sea ice, glaciers, permafrost and lake ice according to a report marking World Environment Day, June 5, 2007. The report is also highly relevant to International Polar Year which began in March.

  • Global warming alarms infectious disease experts

    25 May 2007

    Earth's rising temperature means trouble for health experts trying to fight infectious diseases, microbiologists said at a scientific meeting in Canada in May. ENS reports.