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  • Climate wars threaten billions

    7 November 2007

    A new report released ahead of next week's meeting of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that 3.9 billion people in 102 countries face varying degrees of violent conflict and instability as a result of climate change. Robin McKie, science editor of The Observer, summarised its findings in this report from that newspaper.

  • UK climate bill aims to cut emissions by 60 per cent

    29 October 2007

    The UK government has published its promised draft Climate Change Bill, the first of its kind in any country, following growing pressure from the environmental lobby. The bill sets out a framework for moving the UK to a low-carbon economy, with a target of reducing carbon emissions by 60 per cent, by 2050.

  • Bigger response to global threats essential, says UN

    24 October 2007

    In a new global assessment of the State of the World, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says that governments, businesses and individuals have not given environmental action the priority required despite better scientific understanding that the future of humankind depends on a healthy environment.

  • Environmentalists cheer Nobel Prize winners

    12 October 2007

    The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been welcomed by environmentalists as a triumph for the planet and its inhabitants, who will increasingly struggle to adjust as the world warms.

  • Ecuador promises to leave biggest oilfield untouched

    25 September 2007

    In an unprecedented initiative, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has told the UN summit on climate change, now meeting in New York, that his country proposes to leave its largest oil reserve untouched and avoid all oil extraction activities in the Yasuni National Park, where it is located.

  • UN climate summit opens amid calls for strong action

    24 September 2007

    A special UN Climate Change Summit opens in New York today (Monday 24 September),attended by over 150 political leaders. The meeting is intended to send a clear message to the UN's Climate Change Summit in Bali in December to launch formal negotiations for a climate agreement.

  • New agreement reached to protect ozone layer

    23 September 2007

    Amid growing concern over the impact of hydrochlorflurocarbons (HCFCs) on the earth's ozone layer, an important agreement has been reached by governments in Montreal to tackle a problem that also threatens to speed up climate change.

  • Two-thirds of all polar bears may be lost in 50 years

    11 September 2007

    Future reduction of sea ice in the Arctic could result in a loss of two-thirds of the world's polar bear population within 50 years, according to a series of studies released by the US Geological Survey (USGS). The Survey warns that the polar bear could be extinct in 75 years.

  • Tar sand mining growing at huge environmental cost

    23 August 2007

    Canadian tar sands deposits hold an estimated 1.7 trillion barrels of crude oil, second in the world only to Saudi Arabia, but the devastating environmental impact of mining them far exceeds that of conventional oil, says new research to be published next month (September 2007).

  • UK launches CO2 car-ranking website

    15 August 2007

    The British government has set up a website designed to lure consumers towards buying the greenest cars available as the EU prepares to set binding caps on the amount of CO2 that new vehicles can emit.