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  • Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder

    24 April 2008

    A new study by WWF warns that climate change is having a greater and faster impact on the Arctic than previously thought.

  • Greenland ice melt leaves scientists 'shell shocked'

    26 March 2008

    A scientific scramble is under way to clarify whether the erosion of the world's most vulnerable ice sheets, in Greenland and West Antarctica, can continue to accelerate, says Andrew C. Revkin, writing earlier this year in the New York Times.

  • Rate of glacier melt doubles in one year

    17 March 2008

    The world's glaciers are continuing to melt away with the latest official figures showing record losses. Data from close to 30 reference glaciers in nine mountain ranges show that between the years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 the average rate of melting and thinning more than doubled.

  • 'EU must prepare for waves of climate refugees'

    17 March 2008

    Europe must prepare for increased competition over dwindling resources, waves of climate change refugees and energy wars, the EU's High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana has warned.

  • China signs clean coal agreement with Australia

    13 March 2008

    In an important step towards a greener global future, Australia and China signed a formal international agreement for clean coal research in Beijing on 6 March.

  • Alarming increase in growth of China CO2 emissions

    13 March 2008

    A new analysis by economists has shown that the growth in China's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is far outpacing previous estimates, making the goal of stabilizing atmospheric greenhouse gases much more difficult.

  • OECD: Tackle environmental problems now or pay more later

    10 March 2008

    Solving four major environmental problems - climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and the health impacts of pollution and toxics - is both achievable and affordable, finds a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, which includes 30 countries committed to democracy and the market economy. ENS reports:

  • Four countries sign up to go carbon neutral

    21 February 2008

    Four countries, four cities and five corporations have signed up to go carbon neutral, in an effort to combat climate change and help to de-carbonize the global economy.

  • UK to set annual CO2 emissions target

    18 February 2008

    Hilary Benn, UK Secretary of State for the Environment, has announced that the Government will set an annual target range for reductions of CO2 emissions, in an effort to combat climate change. He also said the Climate Change Committee would be asked to consider whether the 2050 target should be tightened up to 80 per cent.

  • Prince calls for ' wartime response' on climate change

    15 February 2008

    A call by the Prince of Wales, in a speech at the European Parliament, for urgent action on climate change - comparable to going on a war-footing - has been warmly welcomed by environmental campaigners.