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  • POZNAN REPORT: Black carbon adds to need for urgent action

    11 December 2008

    The world is already close to passing the tipping points for abrupt climate change events, and if strong measures aren't taken immediately the results will be catastrophic, concluded panelists during a side event at the UN climate conference in Poznan this week. Alex Viets reports.

  • Major New York exhibition shows urgency of climate change action

    9 December 2008

    The American Museum of Natural History in New York has launched a major exhibition showing how global warming is wreaking havoc with natural phenomena.

  • Penguin plunge sends ocean warning signal

    17 November 2008

    Plunging penguin populations are a signal that the world's oceans are suffering the effects of climate change, fishing and oil and gas development, according to an analysis that could provide new ammunition for groups seeking global protection for the birds.

  • Asian cities are getting dimmer

    13 November 2008

    Cities from Beijing to New Delhi are getting darker, glaciers in ranges like the Himalayas are melting faster and weather systems becoming more extreme, in part, due to the combined effects of human-made Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABCs) and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

  • Coal is the climate culprit says new assessment

    12 November 2008

    Calling for an 'energy revolution' The International Energy Agency (IEA)warned today that unless governments put into place the right policies and measures, global coal use will grow by at least two per cent a year until 2030 - much more than the other conventional fuels. This would make it very difficult for the world to make the emissions cuts necessary to avoid dangerous climate change in the future.

  • Green economy could generate millions of jobs

    23 October 2008

    Efforts to tackle climate change could result in the creation of millions of new "green jobs", says the United Nations in a new report on the prospects for a green econiomy in the coming decades.

  • UK signs up to cut emissions by 80 per cent

    16 October 2008

    The UK Government took a major step today in the battle against climate change when it announced that it will increase its target for cutting UK greenhouse gas emissions to 80 per cent. The move was widely welcomed by environmental groups.

  • World Conservation Congress urges CO2 cuts

    15 October 2008

    An international meeting of governments, scientists and conservationists has called for deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and said financial turmoil must not sideline work to safeguard animals and plants.

  • Birds, frogs and corals at risk from climate change

    7 October 2008

    Thirty-five per cent of the world's birds, 52 per cent of amphibians and 71 per cent of warm-water reef-building corals are likely to be particularly susceptible to climate change, the first results of a scientific study have revealed.

  • Environmental managers dismiss 'mad' power station

    4 August 2008

    As a week-long Climate Camp protest gets under way at Kingsnorth in Kent, British environmental managers are demanding to know how a government committed to tackling climate change can sanction the building of coal-fired power station there, which will emit around eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.