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  • Climate change responsible for 300,000 deaths a year

    5 June 2009

    The first ever report exclusively focused on the global human impact of climate change calculates that climate change today accounts for over 300,000 deaths each year, and that a further 325 million people are seriously affected by climate change at a total economic cost of $125 billion per year.

  • MIT model doubles the risk of heating climate

    26 May 2009

    The most comprehensive modeling yet carried out on the likelihood of how much hotter the Earth's climate will get in this century shows that without rapid and massive action, the problem will be about twice as severe as previously estimated six years ago - and could be even worse than that.

  • Heat waves in India may signal changing climate

    22 May 2009

    India is being hit by more intense and longer heat waves that are taking a higher toll than usual on lives and the environment, says a report in the latest issue of Down to Earth magazine. Could this be another signal that climate change is aleady impacting the country, it asks.

  • Shipping could cut global emissions without cost

    19 May 2009

    International shipping is responsible for almost 3 per cent of global climate change emissions but is not so far covered by any emissions reduction agreements. But, says a new report, it could cut them by at least a fifth without any cost to the industry, and with many benefits.

  • Climate change threatens Ganges and other major rivers

    22 April 2009

    Some of the mightiest rivers on the planet, including the Ganges, the Niger, and the Yellow river in China, are drying up because of climate change, a study of global waterways has warned.

  • Biofuels could be doubling carbon emissions

    21 April 2009

    Biofuels could have doubled the carbon dioxide emissions of the fossil fuels they replace - equivalent to putting half a million extra cars on the road - since a new law adding them to UK fuel came in a year ago, new research shows.

  • Global warming 'urgent threat,' Hillary Clinton warns

    10 April 2009

    "Global warming has already had enormous effects on our planet, and we have no time to lose in tackling this crisis," US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the first-ever joint session of the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, which opened its two-week conference on 6 April.

  • People and the planet 'shortchanged' at G20

    3 April 2009

    Leaders of the world's biggest economies signally failed to position sustainability at the core of their efforts to restructure the world's economy at the G20 meeting in London this week, according to environmental campaigners.

  • The moral challenge of climate change

    23 March 2009

    On Saturday (March 28), many millions of people around the world will join together in 'a vote for the planet'. From New York to Beijing, from Cape Town to Paris, citizens will turn their lights off for sixty minutes to demand action on climate change. Here, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and James Leape, Director General of WWF International, explain why Earth Hours matters.

  • Countdown to Earth Hour gains nearly a billion supporters

    23 March 2009

    On Saturday evening the statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro will slip suddenly into darkness. So will the Golden Gate bridge, the Eiffel Tower and South Africa's Table Mountain. From San Francisco to Shanghai, tens of millions of people are preparing for 'Earth Hour' when, at 8.30pm they will turn off their lights to send the world's political leaders a signal they cannot possibly miss that people are demanding action on the issue of climate change.