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  • Penguin plunge sends ocean warning signal

    17 November 2008

    Plunging penguin populations are a signal that the world's oceans are suffering the effects of climate change, fishing and oil and gas development, according to an analysis that could provide new ammunition for groups seeking global protection for the birds.

  • Ecological credit crunch: we cannot bank on nature

    29 October 2008

    The world is heading for an ecological credit crunch as human demands on the world's natural resources reach nearly a third more than earth can sustain.

  • Congo rebels seize gorilla park HQ

    29 October 2008

  • Fast growing India faces ecological crunch

    15 October 2008

    As the world grapples with the escalating effects of the financial crisis, ecologists are pointing to another mounting - and unsecured - debt: a growing gap in India between the amount of natural resources the country uses and how much it has.

  • World Conservation Congress urges CO2 cuts

    15 October 2008

    An international meeting of governments, scientists and conservationists has called for deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and said financial turmoil must not sideline work to safeguard animals and plants.

  • Indonesia pledges to protect Sumatra's remaining forests

    9 October 2008

    Under an agreement announced today, Indonesia has made a commitment to protect the remaining forests and critical ecosystems of Sumatra, an Indonesian island that holds some of the world's most diverse - and endangered - forests. It is an island where forest clearance has ravaged half of its forest cover in the last 30 years, causing massive forest fires that have sent smoke haze over the island and neighbouring Malaysia.

  • A quarter of all mammals at risk of extinction

    7 October 2008

    The most comprehensive assessment of the world's mammals has confirmed an extinction crisis, with almost one in four at risk of disappearing forever.

  • Destruction of Coral Triangle fisheries threatens livelihoods of millions

    7 October 2008

    The survival of species critical to the livelihoods of millions - such as those in the "nursery grounds" of the Coral Triangle - is being called into question in the wake of the warning this week of a mass global extinction unseen for 65 million years.

  • Birds, frogs and corals at risk from climate change

    7 October 2008

    Thirty-five per cent of the world's birds, 52 per cent of amphibians and 71 per cent of warm-water reef-building corals are likely to be particularly susceptible to climate change, the first results of a scientific study have revealed.

  • Populations of common birds plunging

    3 October 2008

    Many species of common birds have experienced steep population declines over the past quarter century, according to a new report issued by an alliance of conservation groups. It finds that threats to bird populations are intensifying on all continents, including the Antarctic.