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  • Efforts to save tuna fisheries so far a 'total failure'

    28 June 2009

    Countries that have signed up to the international tuna treaty have totally failed to come up with ways to cap fishing capacity, conservationists report. Most are failing to follow the advice of their own scientists and together they are making only slow progress in reducing illegal fishing, overfishing and bycatch of other marine life.

  • A third of shark species threatened with extinction

    25 June 2009

    The first study to determine the global conservation status of 64 species of open ocean (pelagic) sharks and rays reveals that 32 per cent are threatened with extinction, primarily due to overfishing.

  • New Russian Arctic Park to protect key polar bear habitat

    22 June 2009

    Russia will create a new 1.5 million hectare park in the Arctic, a central area for the Barents and Kara Sea polar bear populations.

  • Brazil's biggest coral reef gets protective boost

    10 June 2009

    The Brazilian government has officially declared a new conservation area that will help protect one of the world's most important coral reefs, and benefit thousands of people who depend on the nearby fisheries to make a living.

  • Europe's amphibians and reptiles under threat

    25 May 2009

    One fifth of Europe's reptiles and nearly a quarter of its amphibians are threatened, according to new studies commissioned by the European Commission and carried out by IUCN (the International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

  • Loggers ready to assault orang utan sanctuary

    19 May 2009

    A massive logging operation planned by Asian Pulp and Paper and the Sinar Mas Group (APP/SMG) and associated companies is to include large portions of the only areas that Sumatran orang utans have ever successfully been re-introduced into the wild, conservation groups active in Jambi province have learned.

  • More of world's birds threatened with extinction

    14 May 2009

    The latest evaluation of the world's birds reveals that more species than ever are threatened with extinction. BirdLife International, which conducted the research for the IUCN Red List, found 1,227 species (12 per cent) are classified as globally threatened with extinction. The good news is that when conservation action is put in place, species can be saved.

  • Afghanistan declares its first national park

    24 April 2009

    Afghanistan's National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) announced on Earth Day (22 April) the establishment of the country's first internationally recognized national park.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Human pressures destroying Masai Mara wildlife

    22 April 2009

    The wildllife population in Kenya's Masai Mara reserve has been severely depleted by increased human activity in and around the famous park, according to a new study. As a result, says the International Livestock Research Institute, 95 per cent of the park's giraffes have disappeared. In this Special Report our Kenya correspondent reveals the complex reasons for this conservation tragedy

  • Muslim preachers join fight against poachers

    21 April 2009

    Malaysia's Muslim preachers have been enlisted in the fight for wildlife conservation, using passages from the Koran to raise awareness and help protect some of the world's most endangered species.