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  • Last chance to save the Patagonian toothfish

    15 October 2002

    Appearing on menus the world around as 'Chilean sea bass' or 'Antarctic sea bass', the Patagonian toothfish is, in fact, unrelated to the sea bass family. But to Japanese and Russian fishermen it is 'white gold'. Virtually unknown until 20 years ago, this deep-sea species is now in danger of being fished to extinction - unless it can be protected under international law. This special report is by Mark Schulman.

  • Fishermen vote to save lobsters and lives

    4 October 2002

    The fishermen of Cayos Cochinos, an archipelago off Honduras's northern Miskito Coast, recently took the bold step of banning all scuba diving for lobster - a move that will mean less money for its poor residents, but will guarantee long-term survival for the marine resources on which they depend.

  • Habitat destruction costing the earth $250 billion a year

    24 August 2002

    Habitat destruction continues unabated throughout the world, but mounting evidence suggests that this trend is costing the world around $250 billion each year - and every year into the future - warns a report in Science.

  • Destruction of ecosystems now threatening human species

    2 August 2002

    Scientists estimate that at current extinction rates of plants and animals, the Earth is losing one major drug every two years. This startling fact is revealed in the first World Atlas of Biodiversity: Earth's Living Resources for the 21st Century, launched by the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC).

  • Tanzania moves to save its wild orchids

    1 July 2002

    The Tanzanian government has announced plans to create a national park encompassing the 52 square mile Kitula Plateau in the country's Southern Highlands. It will be the first in tropical Africa to be set up primarily for its floral significance, and will hopefully prevent the destruction of the edible orchids found in the region.

  • Icelandic wetlands under threat

    6 June 2002

    The Thjorsarver wetlands in the central highlands of Iceland have been threatened by hydropower developments for more than 30 years. In May 2002, Iceland's national power company, Landsvirkjun, released a new Environmental Impact Assessment report for a controversial dam. Unless this is refuted, the dam will go ahead.

  • GEO-3 reports on our future world

    29 May 2002

    Over 70 per cent of the Earth's land surface could be affected by the impacts of roads, mining, cities and other infrastructure developments in the next 30 years unless urgent action is taken.

  • Great Apes face extinction

    17 April 2002

    The Great Apes, including chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, face extinction in the wild within a decade unless urgent action is taken on their behalf, according to the world's leading primate experts, represented in the Ape Alliance.

  • Birds flock back to Doñana

    15 February 2002

    In April 1998, the Doñana nature reserve in Spain suffered a disaster that shocked the world. The tailings lagoon at the Aznalcollar zinc mine, just north of the national park, burst, flooding the Guadiamar river with five million cubic metres of acidic water contaminated with heavy metals.

  • Wilderness Society warns on US policy

    11 February 2002

    The very old, and large, US conservative conservation organisation, The Wilderness Society, has issued an unusual warning and action alert about the anti-environmental movements of the George W. Bush administration.