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  • Global biodiversity loss unstoppable with protected areas alone

    28 July 2011

    Continued reliance on a strategy of setting aside land and marine territories as "protected areas" is insufficient to stem global biodiversity loss, according to a new study by researchers from universities in Hawaii and Canada, published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series.

  • Global map of religious forests to protect biodiversity hotspots

    28 July 2011

    Oxford scientists are producing an entire map of the world’s religious forests – locations that contain some of richest biodiversity in the world, including some of the highest numbers of threatened species.

  • Five months to save Ecuador's rainforest

    21 July 2011

    Individuals can contribute as little as US$1 to compensate the country for leaving its oil underground.

  • Health risks may spell end to Faroe Islands dolphin drives

    18 July 2011

    Growing evidence of the health dangers of eating whale and dolphin meat are at last being taken seriously by the authorities in the Faroe Islands where each year a major dolphin slaughter (or grind) takes place.

  • Antarctic again to be whaling battleground

    16 July 2011

    The seas around Antarctica will be the scene of confrontations over whaling again this year. Japan will send its whaling fleet to the Antarctic again, a senior Japanese official has told BBC News, and the Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling vessels will be there to disrupt the hunt. 

  • Increased protection urgently needed for tunas

    12 July 2011

    A new survey of tunas, marlins and related fishes show that the situation is particularly serious for tunas.

  • Good news for orangutan and pygmy elephant conservation in Borneo

    3 July 2011

    Orangutan and pygmy elephant survival has received a major boost with the certification of nearly 300,000 hectares of important habitat in the Malaysian state of Sabah, Borneo.

  • Devastating cost of the soya boom

    1 June 2011

     The devastating impact of the growing global demand for soya on sensitive environments around the world - such as the little known Brazilian Cerrado - is spelt out in a new report released this week.

  • Scientists find nine potentially new marine species

    17 May 2011

    A two-week marine survey conducted by scientists in the waters around the island of Bali found that the coral reefs appeared to be in 'an active stage of recovery'. They also discovered eight potential fish species and one new species of coral.

  • Tiger cubs captured on film in highly threatened forest

    11 May 2011

    WWF camera traps have recorded a record number of tiger images, capturing shots of 12 tigers in just two months in the central Sumatran forest of Bukit Tigapuluh, itself under threat from paper mill development.