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  • Amphibians in dramatic decline

    15 October 2004

    The world's amphibian species are under unprecedented assault and are experiencing tens of thousands of years worth of extinctions in just a century, according to a recent comprehensive study.

  • New controls to halt trafficking of endangered species

    14 October 2004

    An international conference convened to crack down on the illegal trade in endangered species has successfully adopted better trade controls to help protect African elephants, and key marine and rainforest species.

  • Demand for ivory killing 4,000 elephants each year

    17 September 2004

    More than four thousand elephants are being slaughtered each year to meet the demand for ivory from Africa and Asia, further threatening its numbers, warns a new report.

  • Virunga's mountain gorillas still under pressure

    28 July 2004

    Despite the good news reported earlier this year on this website of an increase in the population of mountain gorillas in Central Africa's Virunga National Park, recent deforestation in the region by illegal settlers has destroyed around 15 square kilometres of prime gorilla habitat, further threatening the specie's fragile existence, warn conservation groups.

  • Sumatran tiger on the brink

    7 July 2004

    Indonesia is set to lose its last remaining Tiger species - the Sumatran Tiger - if the widespread illegal trade in Tiger parts and rampant habitat loss is not stopped.

  • Turtles worth more alive than dead, says report

    27 May 2004

    Marine turtle tourism brings in almost three times as much money as the sale of turtle products such as meat, leather, and eggs, according to a new economic study.

  • New hope for the albatross

    13 April 2004

    The British government and three of its overseas territories - the Falklands, British Antarctic Territory, and South Georgia/South Sandwich Islands - have ratified the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels, thus strengthening the treaty which came into force in February.

  • Extinction threat to more than 1,000 bird species

    8 March 2004

    More than 1,000 bird species face extinction because of an alarming and accelerating loss of biodiversity, a study warns today.

  • Green light to save world's endangered species

    27 February 2004

    An ambitious plan to stem the loss of species and expand protected areas around the world was given the green light by 161 countries at a UN meeting on biodiversity in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Last chance to save man's closest relative

    18 February 2004

    Wild chimpanzees are only found in tropical Africa, where their populations have declined by more than 66 per cent in the last 30 years, from 600,000 to fewer than 200,000 individuals. A new action plan aimed to reverse this dramatic decline has been drawn up by leading conservationists.