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  • More birds than ever face extinction

    6 June 2007

    The latest evaluation of the world's birds has revealed that more species than ever - 1,221 - are threatened with extinction, and that additional conservation action is critical to reversing current declines.

  • EU is world's top importer of wildlife

    31 May 2007

    The huge scale of wildlife imports into the European Union is revealed for the first time in a report which shows that the EU is the biggest global importer of many wildlife products, including tropical timber, caviar and live birds.

  • Madagascar creates 1 million hectares of new protected areas

    8 May 2007

    For the second time in two years, the Government of Madagascar has created more than 1 million hectares of new protected areas through a visionary policy to save the island-nation's remaining intact forests.

  • Global warming threatens bird extinction

    10 April 2007

    Global warming threatens many bird species with extinction due to climatic changes and the loss of the habitats they depend on for survival according to the new report on Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.

  • Death sentence threatens Poland's Rospuda Valley

    31 March 2007

    The Polish government has confirmed that it will permit a controversial section of the Via Baltica expressway, planned to connect Helsinki with Warsaw, to plough through the country's treasured Rospuda Valley in north-east Poland, threatening an important ecosystem and mammal migration area.

  • Borneo's clouded leopard is a new cat species

    15 March 2007

    Scientists have discovered that the clouded leopard found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra is entirely new species of cat. The finding is likely to give fresh impetus to last month's three-country declaration to conserve and sustainably manage the great wilderness known as the Heart of Borneo.

  • Governments pledge to save Heart of Borneo

    12 February 2007

    The governments of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia have signed an official declaration to conserve and sustainably manage 'The heart of Borneo'. This is one of the most important areas of biological diversity in the world, covering approximately 220,000 square kilometres of equatorial rainforests - almost a third of the island.

  • Killings raise new fears for mountain gorillas

    18 January 2007

    Two solitary silverback gorillas have been killed by Congo rebelsallied to a local warlord in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) over the last ten days, raising fresh fears for their future.

  • EU bans import of wild birds

    18 January 2007

    The EU has decided unanimously to prohibit the import of wild birds in order to prevent the introduction of infectious diseases including avian influenza. As a result, as many as four million birds a year will remain in the wild, spared from the international pet trade.

  • Coffee companies destroying Sumatra's biodiversity

    18 January 2007

    Coffee lovers the world over are unknowingly drinking coffee that was illegally grown inside one of the world's most important national parks for highly endangered tigers, elephants and rhinos, says an investigative report by the conservation organisation WWF.