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  • Two-thirds of all polar bears may be lost in 50 years

    11 September 2007

    Future reduction of sea ice in the Arctic could result in a loss of two-thirds of the world's polar bear population within 50 years, according to a series of studies released by the US Geological Survey (USGS). The Survey warns that the polar bear could be extinct in 75 years.

  • Rospuda Valley becomes environmental battleground

    30 August 2007

    Poland and the Europeam Union are now at odds over the future of the pristine Rospunda Valley in north-east of the country. It is an area crammed with outstanding wildlife, but earmarked as the route for a badly-needed motorway to the Baltic states. This new report brings the story up to date

  • Pacific coral reefs dying faster than expected

    14 August 2007

    The central and western Pacific Ocean contains 75 per cent of the world's coral reefs and the world's highest coral diversity, but corals in this region are vanishing much more rapidly than previously thought, according to new research. ENS reports:

  • Satellite tracking reveals threats to Borneo pygmy elephants

    10 August 2007

    A new WWF study tracking pygmy elephants by satellite shows that the remaining herds of this endangered species, which live only on the island of Borneo, are under threat from habitat loss and forest fragmentation.

  • Yangtze river dolphin thought extinct

    10 August 2007

    The Yangtze river dolphin, until recently one of the most endangered species on the planet, has been declared officially extinct following an intensive survey of its natural habitat.

  • Galapagos Islands put on danger list

    24 July 2007

    The Galapagos Islands have been added to the list of World Heritage sites in danger. The World Heritage Committee made the decision after considering the results of a joint monitoring mission by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and UNESCO to the islands in April 2007.

  • New threat to Kenya's flamingos

    20 July 2007

    Last year came warnings that Kenya's Lake Nakuru, famous for its flocks of pink flamingos, was in danger of drying up as a result of the destruction of its catchments areas, and of pollution from toxic waste. Now, experts are warning that another lake - home to millions of Lesser Flamingos - is threatened by a planned factory. This report is from ENS.

  • Trawlers found to be a new threat to albatross survival

    25 June 2007

    It is well known that some 100,000 albatrosses die annually in the longline fishing industry, but recent research has shown that large numbers of albatrosses are also dying in trawl fisheries. In one recent study, 12,000 albatrosses are estimated to have died in the South African trawl fishery in one year.

  • Pressure mounts on China to stop tiger farming

    13 June 2007

    China has been urged to phase out its commercial tiger farms - which grow nearly 5,000 big cats for the illegal sale of food and medicinal products - by 171 countries meeting at an international wildlife trade convention.

  • One in six European mammals face extinction

    6 June 2007

    The first assessment of all European mammals, commissioned by the European Commission, shows that nearly one in every six mammal species is now threatened with extinction. The population trends are equally alarming: a quarter (27 per cent) of all mammals has declining populations and a further 33 per cent had an unknown trend. Only 8 per cent were identified as increasing, including the European bison, thanks to successful conservation measures.